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2nd Star Commander Junas’ Training (Psyren)

Junas is the 2nd Star Commander under Amagi Miroku and is one scary guy. He’s super fast, incredibly agile, very skilled at combat, and has an ability that allows him to cut through virtually anything with his Psi. Junas’ most impressive attribute is his speed, but he’s not just fast. He has an incredible endurance that allows him to keep his speed for a long period of time. When Kagetora was chasing him in the Present, Junas ran (while carrying a child) for 3 whole days!

We do need to remember that these abilities are all Psi based and not necessarily based in a training program. However, I’ve built this workout based on the attributes Junas displays throughout the series. It will focus on speed and speed-endurance (which is the ability to maintain speed for an extended time.)

Junas’ Training

Sprint/Explosive Movement Complex

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  1. Light Jog- 5 Minutes
  2. 8″ Hurdle Hops- 5 x 20 Reps
  3. Slalom Run- 5 x 25 Meters
  4. Agility Ladder- 2 x 3 Drills (see notes)
  5. High Jump Squats- 3 x 10 Reps
  6. Box Up-and-Overs- 3 x 10 Reps
  7. 50 Meter Sprint/Walk Back
  8. 100 Meter Sprint/Walk Back
  9. 50 Meter Zig-Zag Sprint/Walk Back
  10. 100 Meter Zig-Zag Sprint/Walk Back
  11. 90 Degree Sprint- 1 Set Each Side
  12. 100 Meter Sprint/Backpeddle
  13. 50 Meter Sprint/Backpeddle
Additional Attribute Training (Choose 1)
-Sword Work
  1. 100 Downward Swings
  2. Draw Sword-Block-Parry-Strike- 25 Times (each side)
  3. 100 Downward Swings
  1. 15 Second Sprint/15 Second Walk
  2. 30 Second Sprint/15 Second Walk
  3. 45 Second Sprint/15 Second Walk
  4. 60 Second Sprint/15 Second Walk
  5. 90 Second Sprint/30 Second Walk
  6. 120 Second Sprint/30 Second Walk
  7. 180 Second Sprint/30 Second Walk
  1. Running- 30 Minutes+10%
  2. 40# Run-Carry- Until fatigued
  • For the hurdle hops, you’ll keep your legs mostly straight, but with knees soft. Using as little motion as possible, hop over an 8″ hurdle for listed number of reps. Rest 30 seconds between sets.
  • For the Slalom Run, you’ll put cones every few feet for the listed distance and you’ll alternatively run through them. Rest 30 seconds between sets.
  • Here is a video of some agility drills. Pick 3 and do 2 sets each. Rest 30 seconds between each drill.
  • Box Up-and-Overs, you perform a box jump and then hop off the box on the other side. That’s one rep. Turn around and repeat for listed reps. Rest 30 seconds between sets.
  • Sprints should be 90-100% effort. The walk back is your rest period.
  • For Zig-Zag sprints, you will turn at a 45 degree angle and start your sprint. On your fifth step, you will turn 90 degrees and run back toward the center line of the field or road you are on. On the fifth step of that, you will reverse and repeat this every fifth step to cut a zig-zag back and forth across the listed distance. The walk back is your rest period.
  • For the last sprints, the back peddle does not have to be a sprint, but should at least be at a nice run-like pace.
  • After the first part of the workout, rest 5 minutes and pick on of the attribute trainings.
  • For the sword work, you can use a sword, a wooden sword, a stick, or even a sledgehammer. 
  • During the speed endurance, you will not rest between sets except for the allotted time for walking. This training is designed to push your lactate threshold higher so that you can sustain a higher intensity for a longer period.
  • For the endurance portion, “30 Minutes+10%” means that when you first do the workout, you will attempt to run for 30 minutes straight. When you are capable of doing this, add 10% more time to this. That means you will run 33 minutes if you can run 30 successfully, approximately 36 Minutes and 15 Seconds if you can run 33, 39 Minutes 45 Seconds if you can run the 36’15” and so on. It doesn’t have to be as precise with the seconds. You can certainly round up or down to the nearest minute.
  • The second part of the endurance training is done right after the first. Using any compact weight: a medicine ball, a plate, a backpack– you will carry it with your arms however you need to and run as far as you can go without stopping. If you stop or have to drop the weight even one time, you are done for the day.
  • When you pick an attribute, try not to train that attribute two workouts in a row. 
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