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Adventure Time Workout: Finn and Jake Train for “The Barn”

In one episode of Adventure Time with Finn and Jake, the two adventurers decide to challenge an undefeated, building-wearing giant by the name of “The Barn.”  However, the two are quickly trounced by the massive opponent.

Finn decides they need to train if they are going to defeat The Barn, so they embark on a short-lived training session. It gets derailed by some infighting, but the two learn some valuable lessons on how to defeat the barn anyway: Fighting dirty. We won’t be focusing on that aspect, though.

Here’s the workout!

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Finn and Jake Train for “The Barn”

  1. Light Jog- 5 Minutes
  2. Splits Stretch- 2 x 1 Minute Sets (Rest 30 seconds between sets)
  3. Jumping Rope- 5 Minutes
  4. Practice Martial Arts- 10 Minutes
  5. Grappling- 10 Minutes
  6. Sparring- 5 Minutes
  • Practicing martial arts can be shadowboxing, bag work, kata, or technique practice.
  • Grappling would preferably by submission grappling. If you are new to it, start slow and be careful. It would be best if you had mats. 
  • For sparring, you can go no-contact to full contact. It’s your preference. If you’re going from medium to full contact you may want to wear gloves, a mouthpiece, a cup, and headgear. You may wear more gear if you so choose. The point is to practice your fighting, not to break your face or bones during practice. 
That’s all for today! Thanks for reading. Until next time, good luck and train hard!
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  • so Finn and Jake know Martial Arts thats awesome, also could it be possible that Finn and Jake were trained by their dad Joshua because in the episode "Crystals have power" Jakes flashback shows him wearing boxing gloves so it could be possible that Jake is trained in boxing also in the episode "Dads Dungeon" when Finn fights the Final Monster of Joshua's dungeon Jake says "Finn use your Karate moves so it is possible Finn knows karate while Jake knows how to box

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