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All-Rounder Meguru (Meguru’s Workout)

This is a really cool MMA manga. I really recommend it to anyone interested in the martial arts, because it is pretty realistic and informative. I won’t give the story away, but there’s competition and Yakuza and girl fights to be had. Check it out!

The first workout I’m bringing you is not the first workout that we come across in the manga. The reason behind this is because the first workout is the Pro workout and I figure it’s best to start a little simpler than that, so we’ll go with the training that Meguru undertakes, himself, in order to get stronger. He is also attending grappling and kickboxing classes during this time, so he’s not just doing this training.

Meguru’s Workout

(Meguru does the majority of this workout at an outside fitness course, but you could do it at a gym or a playground)

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  1. Run 3 Miles
  2. 3 Sets of MAX Push-ups
  3. 3 Sets of 1 Minute “X” Hops
  4. 3 Sets of MAX Pull-ups
  5. 3 Sets of MAX Decline Sit-ups 
  • For “X” Hops, all you need to do is draw a plus sign on the ground (with chalk or lay it out with a string or tape) and hop, with your feet together randomly from section to section. They are going to be short hops and you won’t bend your knees much.
  • If you don’t have a decline bench, you can just do the sit-ups on the ground or a mat. 
  • Very simple workout, but it is toward the beginning of Meguru’s strength and conditioning training. 
This manga has some really nice stuff in it, so expect some more out it! Until next time, good luck and train hard!
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