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Ashita no Joe- Joe’s Prison Workout

So, Joe, being the trouble-making kid that he is, ends up getting in quite a lot of trouble. He commits fraud, gets in several massive brawls, and even attacks police officers. Guess where that gets him? He goes to the Super-Max of Juvenile Detention Centers, where he decides he’s going to bust out. However, in the process of it, he receives a straight-up ass-kicking from a former professional boxer. It is at this point he decides he’s going to listen to his one-eyed boxing mentor on the outside and begins practicing according to the notes delivered to him.

This workout is based on those notes and the manual labor the prison has him do. He gets pretty inventive with his practice, though. He turns his bed into a punching bag!

Joe’s Prison Workout


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  • 2 Hours Manual Labor (Pick two): Pick-axe, Shoveling, Wheel-Barrow Pushing, or Carrying Sand Bags
4-6 Hours Later,
  1. 25 Jabs 
  2. 25 Straights
  3. 25 Double Jabs
  4. 25 Jab-Straight Combinations
  5. 25 Triple Jab-Straight Combinations (Circle to your where your opponent’s outside hand would be.)
  6. 10 Minutes Shadowboxing
  7. 10 Minutes Heavy Bag Work
  • If you are unable, due to time or ability, to complete two hours of straight manual labor, you’re welcome to break it into sets, take breaks, or even do a fraction of the time. 
  • This is a lot of punching, but since it’s combinations, it shouldn’t be too monotonous for you guys. 
  • Really try to push yourself during the manual labor, the shadowboxing and heavy bag work. 
  • For your punching sets, focus on perfecting the form of the strikes instead of just blasting through the punches as quickly as you can. 
That’s all for today! Until next time, good luck and train hard!
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