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Ashita no Joe- The Juvenile Prisoner’s Boxing Routine

After Joe’s prison boxing match, the other prisoner’s decide that they want to step in the ring, as well. The Warden agrees, since it seems like it will be something into which the boys can channel their energy. So, Danpei (Joe’s trainer) shows the young delinquents how to train and the juvenile prison begins to prepare for a boxing tournament, where there will be representatives for each cell block fighting under amateur rules. These routines are based on the general training for the juvenile prisoners.

The Juvenile Prisoner’s Boxing Routine

Workout A

  1. 25 Push-ups
  2. 50 Sit-ups
  3. 50′ Duck Walk
  4. 10 Minutes Jumping Rope
  5. 5 Minutes Shadowboxing
  6. 1 Minute Each: Seated Hamstring Stretch, Butterfly Stretch, Side Bend Stretch
Workout B
  1. Dumbbell Overhead Press- 3 x 15 Reps
  2. Dumbbell Side Bends- 3 x 15 Reps
  3. 3 x 3 Minutes Shadowboxing
  4. 3 Minutes Bag Work
  5. 3 Minutes Sparring
  6. Medicine Ball to Abs- 15 Reps
  7. 50 Bicycle Crunches
  • These are very simple and easy workouts, because the prisoners were all just beginning training. They didn’t have very long to prepare for the fights, so these routines would be sufficient for getting them used to moving their bodies. 
  • The Duck Walk (in a few different variations) can be seen here, here… and here.
  • These are great beginner’s boxing workouts, because they introduce you to a lot of things, while simultaneously not pushing any one thing too hard. 
I hope you enjoy this one. Until next time, good luck and train hard!
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