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Sendou’s Regular Training

​Sendou Takeshi is a monster. He has massive upper body strength and loves, loves, LOVES to brawl. He loves to stand in the middle of the ring and trade with his opponents, because he’s tough as nails and loves testing his mettle against other strong guys. He’s known for street fighting in ​Osaka and is […]

Misinformation Everywhere!

Right here, we have a picture from the Twitter account @RightVsWrong_. The account recently went on a Tweeting spree as it showed several different exercises and how to properly do them. Except, these pictures were full of misinformation. Take this bench press picture for example. If we look at the “correct” half, you might notice that he’s […]

Trade Comfort for Pain (ft. Hanma Baki)

The ability to take pain is something that is slowly disappearing in the modern world. That’s not to say that people don’t experience pain, but just that, in many ways, the “art of taking pain” has become a thing of the past.  Each generation spends increasingly more time in comfortable conditions and people are protected […]

Origin Story Master Post

Episode 1: First Steps Episode 2: You Can Do This Episode 3: Hero of… Mulch? Episode 4: TAKEN Episode 5: Meet Lindsay Episode 6: Side Quests Episode 7: Self-Defeating Duffy Episode 8: Getting Serious Now Episode 9: Real Life Minigames! Episode 10: Crossover Couple Episode 11: Sick and Tired Episode 12: Single-Player Mode Epsidoe 13: […]

Saiyan Battle Training

The Saiyans aren’t really seen training that often and the training we do see appears to be combat-related. In general, the 10x Gravity and a wealth of fighting and beating each other into Zenkai after Zenkai would likely be all the race would need to get stronger. (That is, until Goku and Vegeta used other […]

“The King’s Heart” Workout

Endurance is extremely important as a wrestler, even a Luchador. You need to be able to move around, jump, throw, strike (in a mixed context) and control your opponent. And you need to be able to do it for an extended period of time, just in case someone puts the timer on Infinity. This workout […]

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