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Baki Does Bagwork

As Champion of the Underground Fighting Arena, Baki has to stay in shape and train on a constant basis. Therefore, on almost every occasion we see him at his rented-out apartment, he’s hitting the heavy bag. Here, then, is a workout in just that spirit! You may use a boxing heavy bag, a Muay Thai long heavy bag, a sand-filled bag, a water-filled bag or change it up every time you do the workout. It’s probably best if you wrap your hands and/or wear bag gloves to prevent tearing the skin and possibly damaging your hand, if your bones are not already conditioned for taking hits. If you like, you could also wear a heavier glove to protect your hand.

Baki Does Bagwork

First, do 1 Minute of light bagwork to warm-up. Then, you’ll move on to the rest of the workout.

  1. 30 Seconds Medium Pace
  2. 30 Seconds All-Out (Fast!)

–As many rounds as possible, rest 2 minutes, then…

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  1. 1 Minute Full Power Punching/Elbows
  2. 1 Minute Full Power Kicking/Knees
  3. 1 Minute Speed Punching
  4. 1 Minute Speed Kicking
  5. 1 Minute Medium Pace

–As many rounds as possible with 1 Minute rest in between rounds.


  • Medium pace means the normal pace at which you would fight or do bagwork. It should overly wind you, but your not just walking around the bag hitting it every now and again.
  • All-Out Pace means that you should not stop hitting the bag for even one moment. Hit AS FAST AND AS HARD AS YOU CAN!
  • There is no rest in between rounds for the first section of the workout.
  • Full Power Punching/Elbows and Kicking/Knees means that every strike will strive to have the most amount of power you can generate. We’re not looking for speed, so don’t worry about hitting it a lot, just hit it with strong blows. However, don’t sit there and wind up the punch for 20 seconds… you still need to be hitting it in a continuous manner.
  • Speed Punching is pretty simple. Get your right distance from the bag and hit the bag as quickly as you can for the allotted time. Jabs, straights, hooks, uppers… whatever– just make it fast. Don’t worry about rocking the bag back and forth with each strike, just strive to impact as many times as you can before the time runs out.
  • The length of this workout will depend solely on your level of fitness. Don’t cheat yourself and remember to put in 100% effort when it’s time to go all out.

That’s our workout for today. Until next time, good luck and train hard!!

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