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Baki, The Sportsman (Workout)

Baki, the Sportman

First of all, stretch well.
1.  Run 2 Miles  (Fast a pace as possible)
2. Fingertip Push-ups (5 Fingers)-  Max Reps
3. Pull-ups (any variation)-  Max Reps
4. Fingertip Push-ups (minus pinky)-  Max Reps
5. Pull-ups- Max Reps
6. Fingertip Push-ups (minus pinky and ring finger)- Max Reps
7. Pull-ups- Max Reps
8. Fingertip Push-ups (minus pinky, ring, and middle)- Max Reps
9. Pull-ups- Max Reps
10. Fingertip Push-ups (on thumbs)- Max Reps
11. Pull-ups- Max Reps
12. Fingertip Push-ups (5 Fingers)- Max Reps
13. Pull-ups- Max Reps
Of course you won’t be able to go all the way to your thumb at first, just get as far as you can. Eventually, you’ll be able to do much more.  You can do the reflex training I mentioned in the Grappler Baki Episode IX post, or you can just skip it.  It’s up to you.  
Also, you can opt to do 5 Finger Fingertip Push-ups on all of the sets until you are ready to go to this level.  This is probably a smart choice if that’s the most you can do to begin with.
Good luck, and train hard!
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