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Baki’s Sledgehammer Workout

Baki is known for putting himself through insanely tough workouts. Going through “New Grappler Baki,” I noticed that some chapters began with Baki performing some feat or activity. Therefore, I decided to save those that seemed appropriate and turn them into workouts.

Awww, yeah!

Baki works all day, railroad or no railroad.

Baki’s Sledgehammer Workout

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  1. 25 Sledgehammer Swings (each side)
  2. 100 Meter Sprint w/Hammer
  3. 50 Sledgehammer Swings (each side)
  4. 50 Meter Lunge Walk w/Hammer
  5. 100 Sledgehammer Swings (each side)
  6. 100 Meter Sprint w/Hammer
  7. 250 Sledgehammer Swings (each side)
  8. 50 Meter Lunge Walk w/Hammer
  9. 500 Sledgehammer Swings (each side)
  10. 100 Meter Sprint w/Hammer 
  11. 1000 Sledgehammer Swings (each side)
  12. 50 Meter Lunge Walk w/Hammer 
  13. 100 Waist Twists w/Hammer (each side)
  14. 50 Side Bends w/Hammer (each side)
  15. 1 Mile Run w/Hammer
  16. 1 Mile Walk w/Hammer
  17. Alternate 25 Sledgehammer Swings each side until failure.

  • This is pretty high volume, but would you expect from Baki? If you can’t handle this workout right off the bat, you can stop at any time. You could stop after the first couple of exercises or in the middle. Just do what you can. You could also use a lighter sledgehammer, like a 6 pound sledge and then work your way up to 8, 10, 12, or 20 pounds. 
  • With the Sledgehammer Sprint, it’s probably best to alternate how you hold it between sets, so you are working both sides equally.
  • For the Lunge Walk with the hammer, you can hold the handle in one hand and put the head on one shoulder and then alternate every step or you can hold it out in front of you, underneath the head, with the handle pointed down. 
  • For the waist twists you can hold the hammer parallel to the ground, but you’ll need to switch sides at the half way point or you can hold it underneath the head with both your hands and have the handle pointing down. 
  • For the side bends, you can either hold the hammer above your head and bend to either side or you can hold the hammer underneath its head on one side of you and then do one side at a time. 
  • For the run and walk, it’s probably best to hold the hammer in both hands in front of you, one high and one low or to have it resting on your shoulder. Either way, you’ll need to change sides periodically. 
  • The last portion of the workout is to push your endurance and toughness. You could just not do it at all, do one last set of swings on each side, or see how long you can go. Potentially, the workout could go for hours, if you could handle it, but it’s certainly not required. 
That’s all for today! Until next time, good luck and train hard!
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