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Baki’s “Upside Down” Workout

Going through the Grappler Baki manga, I came across a short training sequence and decided to make a workout out of it.  Hope you guys enjoy!

Baki’s “Upside Down” Workout


  1. 20 Sit-ups
  2. 10 Handstand Push-ups
–10 Rounds


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  1. 20 Decline Sit-ups (45 Degrees)
  2. 10 Handstand Push-ups (12″ Blocks)
–10 Rounds


  1. 20 Decline Sit-ups (45 Degrees, 40#)
  2. 10 Handstand Push-ups (12″ Blocks, 40#)

–10 Rounds


  1. 20 Decline Sit-ups (45 Degrees, 80#)
  2. 10 Handstand Push-ups (12″ Blocks, 80#)
–10 Rounds
  • This workout is pretty insane, even at its first level. 
  • You can start doing the HSPUs against the wall, but work up to doing them without any support. That’s what will probably keep you on Level 1 the longest. If you end up not caring about the support, you can move on to the later levels if you feel like it. However, being crazy, I will probably not be doing so. Haha!
  • The top of your head or your forehead should touch the ground at the bottom of every rep of the HSPUs and your shoulders should touch the ground or the decline board. 
  • Don’t move onto the next exercise until you’ve completed all the reps of the exercise you are on. 
  • Move on to the next level of the workout only if you’re able to complete the workout without failing on any of the sets of the exercises. Ideally, there should be no rest in between rounds. 
  • Baki uses dumbbells for his weights on these exercises, which would be fine for the sit-ups, but not for the HSPUs. I would recommend using a weighted vest.
That’s all for today. Until next time, good luck and train hard!
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