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Batman’s Training- A Snapshot

At the request of a reader, I’m going to be posting some of Batman’s training. The training schedule below is a week’s worth of Batman’s workouts. It contains a general outline of the exercises completed by Bruce Wayne and doesn’t necessarily mean that this is all that he does. I’ll do my best to start from the basics and build up to the level presented in this schedule, which is at a level that (in my opinion) absolutely above world class. Batman pushes all aspects of fitness to their absolute maximum. His strength, speed, balance, flexibility, accuracy, power, endurance, and skills have been honed through hours of constant, deliberate training and a defined goal of having a body capable of defending the streets of Gotham. 
Here’s the snapshot. Over the next few weeks, I’ll be posting the stages leading up to this starting from a base level of fitness and athleticism. You’ve heard of going from “fat to fit,” now see how you go from “fit to Bat.” (Corny? Yes. Awesome? Absolutely.)

Ponder this one for a while, why don’t you? Until next time, good luck and train hard!

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  • robisntdrunk says:

    Just when I was thinking I needed a new routine…

    But with training like this how does Batman get overpowered by any none superhuman villains? >_>

  • jaxblade07 says:

    Where on earth did you get this?? lol its frickin awesome

  • any suggestions on what i can do training-wise with a displaced knuckle? Check out my blog and let me know, kinda need the help 🙂

  • Stephen Ross says:

    @robisntdrunk- I think this is more pre-Batman than anything. This is Bruce getting ready for the hell he's going to put himself through as Batman, which is enough training in and of its damn self!

    @HaHaHa dragonball- That seriously sucks, but I've been there (twice!). The only thing you can do is work around it. Work your legs and your core and maybe just try to get really freaking good with your other hand. You could shadowbox and just keep the hurt hand up by your chin.

    @jaxblade07- Dude, it was totally by accident. I was actually looking up some stuff on Work Capacity and just stumbled across an article where it had this in it. Apparently, this is a snippet from a new book that has come out about Batman and it's got all kinds of cool newspaper clippings and diagrams and cool stuff like this!

  • robisntdrunk says:

    Why does Wensday say off day? Also I can't tell if on monday if thats 1/4 or 1/2

  • Stephen Ross says:

    It's Batman's off day, I guess? It's certainly not an off day for training. The bastard runs 20 miles.

    Anyway, it's 1/4 on Monday for the MetCon.

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