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Becoming a Professional Athlete

Recently, in my post entitled Goals for Real Anime Training and Personal Goals, I discussed my desire to become a professional athlete. This may conjure up images of any number of professional sports in your mind, with multi-million dollar contracts and the super celebrity we’ve come to associate with the term “professional athlete.” However, this is not necessarily the imagery that I wish to evoke. 

My goal as a “professional athlete” is to pursue and catalog athletic endeavors as my living. While I would of course like to fight professionally in MMA (as my main sport), I am also interested in boxing, submission grappling, kickboxing, full contact Karate, distance running (marathons and ultras), power lifting, obstacle courses (mud runs, Tough Mudders, and Spartan races), competitive climbing, and anything else that might present a challenge and add a dimension to my training that would set me apart as an athlete and lead me closer to a greater understanding of myself and others. Of course, successfully competing at a high level of any sport will bring monetary or sponsorship awards, but that’s not the main intent. 
And I do not merely wish to compete in these sports. I want to catalog all of my experiences in my training and the competitions themselves, so that there is a record of the experiences in the form of blog posts and videos, also creating a showcase to individual sports and other athletes within those sports, as well as an encyclopedia of training information (of course using anime and manga as inspiration) for everyone who reads this blog and watches our videos (which there will be more of soon, I promise). 
I want you guys to be there every step of the way: the pain, the dedication, the (hopefully few) injuries, and the eventual triumph as the results of my training manifest themselves into medals, trophies, wins on a record, or just things checked off my list of accomplishments. How far can I push myself? How much can I achieve? How much knowledge and information can I accumulate and relay to my readers? I want to find those answers.
Anime characters often have dreams and goals. They may want to be the best at a sport or to become the strongest in the world or they may dream of protecting their friends and family or maybe they just dream of finding the next strong opponent to test their mettle against.  It took me a long time to figure it out, but I finally know on what I’m setting my sights. 
I’m going to be creating a project very soon in order to help me accomplish these goals for myself and all of you, (which I am going to start specific fund-raising for soon). I am going to do the project, regardless, but any and all help would be appreciated in the form of spreading the word about Real Anime Training, visiting our sponsored ads, or donating via PayPal until the fund-raising for the project officially begins. I promise to put forth my all to deliver more and more content to you guys, whatever the case, but the less time I have to worry about feeding myself and my family, the more time I’ll be able to put into the project. 
I greatly appreciate everyone who reads this blog. You guys are awesome! I know that I can become a professional athlete, a good one. But, with your support, I can become more than that. With your support, I can become a new kind of professional athlete.
That’s all for today, guys! Until next time, good luck and train hard!
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