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Black Leg Sanji’s Training

In the time skip, Sanji seeks to increase both his power and his cooking ability. Now, while cooking isn’t my thing, what I can do is relay to you the hell that Sanji endured. Both of these are/can be relatively long workouts. They are mimicking the time that Sanji spent on Okama Island running from and fighting a bunch of Okama Kempo masters. In this process, his leg strength and his fighting prowess increased greatly, so much so that he could literally run. on. the. air. 

Run, Sanji! RUN!

Workout A

  1. 100 Meter Sprint
  2. 100 Meter Back Peddle
  3. 100 Meter Sprint
  4. 100 Meter Side Shuffle (Each Way)
  5. 100 Meter Sprint
  6. 100 Meter Zig-Zag Run
  7. 100 Meter Sprint
  8. 100 Meter Jog
  9. 2 Minutes Shadowboxing/Bag Work/Sparring
  10. 200 Meter Jog
–1 to 10 Rounds, depending on fitness
Workout B
  1. Run 1 to 10 Miles
  2. 3 Minutes Shadowboxing/Bag Work/Sparring
  3. 10 Meter Hand Walk
  4. 2 Minutes Shadowboxing/Bag Work/Sparring
  5. 20 Meter Hand Walk
  6. 1 Minute Shadowboxing/Bag Work/Sparring
  7. 30 Meter Hand Walk
  8. 30 Seconds Shadowboxing/Bag Work/Sparring
  9. 40 Meter Hand Walk
  10. Run 1 to 5 Miles
  11. 50 Meter Hand Walk
  12. Run 1 to 5 Miles
  13. 40 Meter Hand Walk
  14. 30 Seconds Shadowboxing/Bag Work/Sparring
  15. 30 Meter Hand Walk
  16. 1 Minute Shadowboxing/Bag Work/Sparring
  17. 20 Meter Hand Walk
  18. 2 Minutes Shadowboxing/Bag Work/Sparring
  19. 10 Meter Hand Walk
  20. 3 Minutes Shadowboxing/Bag Work/Sparring
  21. Run 1 to 10 Miles


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  • The first workout is about speed, acceleration, and the ability to keep speed for a long period of time. The second workout is about endurance and skill. These are not workouts that I would just jump into if you are not already in shape or used to running. Make sure that you become fairly acquainted with Sanji’s Training. If you are attempting to train like Sanji, use these two workouts in addition to the other two that Sanji workouts after you’ve done the first two for a while. 
  • Increase your number of rounds or distances on your longer runs gradually. After you complete a workout two or three times, add a round or a mile to the workout.
  • Walking on your hands can be very frustrating. When I first started working on handstand walks, I would pick a distance to travel, no matter how many times I fell down. It sucked, but I made pretty quick improvements. 
  • One way that you can change up the workout or adjust the difficulty is changing where your run and when. You can run in the rain or the snow or in the night. You can run on hills or on the beach or in the woods or in the mountains or waist-deep in water. It will help work your muscles in a lot of different ways, while training your mental toughness. 
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