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Blackforce MMA (Charleston, SC)- Facilities Review

About a week ago, I went to train with the guys at Blackforce MMA down here in Charleston, SC. I came in for an MMA Conditioning Class. I posted the workout to the blog at that time and I was pretty satisfied with the overall intensity of the workout. It was a good circuit with a lot of options. There weren’t too many people training that night, but the people who were there at least seemed like they wanted to be there (except for some random kids that were “training”). 
Something tells me they’ve worked out before. 

I was mostly impressed with the facility. There was a huge wrestling mat in the main section (which you can see on their main site), with padded walls. I imagine some kick-ass sparring could go on here. Upstairs, there were numerous hanging heavy bags and a couple of heavy bags lying around for GnP, I’m guessing.

Look at that poor little guy in the corner.

I love the fact that they actually have a weight room, because that’s something you don’t see in some MMA gyms and almost never see in traditional martial arts dojos. It’s not huge, but they have a good selection of equipment, both weight-wise and cardio equipment. There’s also a big-ass tire out back and some sand-filled PVC sections to tote around. So, yeah, as far as conditioning equipment goes, I’m loving this place.

Ain’t no Cardio Theater here, fellas!

I’m eager to get back into this place as soon as my schedule clears up a little, so I can take advantage of the classes available here: Japanese Jujitsu, Muay Thai, Catch Wrestling, and Sambo. (And you never see Sambo freakin’ anywhere!) The head trainer is Dwight Decker, who possesses black belts in Karate and Jujitsu and has been involved in martial arts for a long, long time.

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So much awesome, my camera wouldn’t take a clear shot. Trust me, I tried.

In any case, I only have one experience with Blackforce, but I’m very impressed. I’m eager to see the skill-set they have in action, because it’s so very different from what most places have. Since my strengths generally lie in fitness/conditioning and my striking anyway, I’ll be expecting to get my ass handed to me in grappling. We’ll see what happens and I look forward to keeping you guys updated with this place and anywhere else I can visit. 

Until next time, good luck and train hard!
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