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Boxing Workout Master Post

Hajime no Ippo

  1. Master Post for the Hajime no Ippo Training Program
  2. Fishing Boat Makunouchi Workout
  3. Ippo’s Basic Training
  4. Ippo Prepares for Miyata
  5. Ippo’s First Three Fights
  6. Ippo on the Beach
  7. The East Rookie Champ Workout
  8. The All-Japan Rookie Champ Workout
  9. Class A Tournament- First Round Workout
  10. Class A Tournament- The Finals
  11. Facing the Champ Workout
  12. Ippo’s Recovery Time
  13. Ippo’s Comeback Workout
  14. Ippo’s Mountain Training Camp
  15. Ippo vs. Sendou (Redux)
  16. Ippo’s First Two Title Defenses
  17. Building Up the Dempsey Roll
  18. Evolving the Dempsey Roll
  19. Back to Basics
  20. Tenacity for Ten Rounds
  21. Takamura’s Beginning Boxing Routine
  22. Takamura’s Pre-Fight Blitz
  23. Sendou’s Basic Training
  24. Date Eiji’s Training
  25. Miyata’s Basic Training
  26. Itagaki’s Training
  27. Itagaki’s KBG Training
  28. Itagaki’s “Go-Go Mode” Workout
  29. Aokimura’s Basic Training


  1. Kamishiro Yuu’s Basic Training

Ashita no Joe

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  1. Joe’s Basic Training
  2. Joe’s Prison Workout
  3. Joe’s Prison Yard Training
  4. The Juvenile Prisoner’s Boxing Routine
  5. Nishi’s Weight Loss Workout

History’s Strongest Disciple Kenichi

  1. Good Luck, Takeda
  2. Random Training with James Shiba #1: Calisthenics and Skill Work
  3. Random Training with James Shiba #2: Circuits and Intervals
  4. Random Training with James Shiba #3: Old School Conditioning
  5. Random Training with James Shiba #4: Weights and Plyometrics
  6. Random Training with James Shiba #5: Extreme Practical Boxing

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