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Call to Arms: The Prologue to the Fictional Fitness Revolution

Since 2007, the purpose of Real Anime Training has been to bring fitness knowledge and inspiration to anime and manga fans worldwide. And, either directly or indirectly, it has been fairly successful in doing so. We are the Original Anime Fitness Website. 

The first post on Real Anime Training (“Call to Arms“) was posted May 9th, 2007.  It was me yelling out into the unknown, calling to those who would stand with me and shatter the stereotype of fat, weak nerds. It took some time, but people responded, little by little. 
Many people have gotten in shape while training like Goku, Ippo, Saitama, Rock Lee, or any number of other characters on this blog. Some of them have gone along to create their own Anime Training or Fictional Fitness content (JaxBlade and Blackeroni, for instance).  Some have used Real Anime Training as a resource in writing and for training motivation and inspiration. 
We’ve made workouts based on anime, cartoons, and video games, built to mimic the training of individual characters or inspired by those characters’ personalities. These workouts include various types of weight training, martial arts, calisthenics and running, swimming, climbing, and cycling. There are hundreds of workouts with more being added all the time. 
This is a new call to arms to anime fans, gamers, and nerds of all types. When I started this in 2007, I was all by myself.  NerdFitness didn’t exist. JaxBlade hadn’t yet become a Super Saiyan. Be A Game Character wasn’t a player. DareBee wasn’t even a thing. I know for a fact that some of the people who are in the Fictional Fitness world are here in some way because of Real Anime Training and perhaps more are, but that’s not important. What is important is that there are many more people out there being nerdy as hell and in-shape and that is super freaking awesome!
There is a revolution coming and I’m happy to have been here since the beginning. More is coming, so you’d better be prepared. 
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