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Call to arms!

This is to all the anime and manga fans out there, particular the shounen anime/manga fans. I know you like to see all your favorite characters go through hard training and fight difficult opponents. I’m sure you’ve even watched an episode and said to yourself, “Hey, I’d like to try something like that.” Only… you may have had no idea what you were doing. Well, the point of this blog is to help you understand the hows and whys behind the physical and mental training involved in many of the anime and manga which you guys love. Not just the training, though. We’re going to delve into combat as well. It’s coming soon. Enjoy!

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  • Stefan says:

    man I just found your writings here and i think it’s great. I am 25 now and was born in Romania and i allways was a big fan of dragonball and martial arts and allways had in mind the kind of stuff you are discussing here, meaning trying to find a way to train while having the same target as the cartoon heroes. i want to thank you for helping me alot with some of my own hows and whys. I hope you continue to do what you do and I look forward to read your new stuff

  • Tyciol says:

    I had an idea of doing something like this myself one day, both in martial arts themed anime and also sports themed anime. So I'll enjoy reading through this because I'm sure you've seen a lot of series I haven't.

    One thing I thought about was putting together clips from the shows where people train (in a realistic fashion of course, not going to show Naruto standing on water using his ki) and put them together into some kind of video series.

    That said, it might be better to just use short clips and collect them into a playlist. What do you think?

    Also I think Mio Sakamoto in Strike Witches uses a pec deck machine, I must find this clip.

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