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5 Times Anime Taught Us the Gift of Giving

With Christmas quite literally around the corner, I began to mentally scroll through my head all those precious scenes in various anime devoted to the trope of buying your loved one that something special. I’m sure the trope is familiar to many of you. Person A needs that extra special something for Person B. Person […]

The North Kaio-sama’s Training

Much like “The Turtle Hermit’s Training” and “Find the Dragon Balls,” this is a harder, non-leveled version of “Kaio-sama’s Training.”  This training will be more in line with those who have followed Goku’s Training Program. On that note, if you’re one of the lucky people to be reading this post, it’s time to announce that […]

Goku’s Leg Day with King Kai

A couple of episodes into Dragon Ball Super and it delivers with another short training sequence. Goku heads to King Kai’s planet and takes advantage of the 10x Gravity by pulling massive weights and squatting them repeatedly. I think it’s safe to say that the weights combined weigh more than 40 tons , even without […]

Training to Go Super Saiyan

(Disclaimer: You can’t actually turn into a Super Saiyan. :P)  Training like a Saiyan is hard.  The Saiyans lived lives to non-stop combat and brutal conflict, even before the rule of Frieza. Each of these warriors was driven by the impulse to become stronger, to fight, become the greatest. Many times, this manifested itself into […]

The Gravity Room Method

Training in a gravity room has long been a dream of mine and every other person who has watched Dragon Ball Z and dreamed of becoming stronger. Unfortunately, technology is not quite at the level necessary to create such a glorious masterpiece (and I don’t have a few billion dollars lying around for R&D).  So, […]

Gohan’s Z-Sword Training

Gohan is frequently one of the strongest characters in Dragon Ball Z. From defeating Cell to being recognized by the Kais as having great strength, he always amazes people with his potential. It’s no surprise then that, when tasked with pulling the legendary Z-Sword from its resting place on the planet of the Supreme Kais, […]

Yamcha, The Desert Bandit

Remember when Yamcha was relevant? I mean, think really hard for a second. Think back… There we go. I hate that some really important characters in Dragon Ball just became not useful at all. That’s one of the reason I appreciate later anime such as One Piece or Naruto, where smaller characters still get to […]

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