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Centurion Method Workout #1: The Leaper In-between

I wasn’t planning on posting the workouts for the Centurion Method, even though the program is used for our Berserk and Vinland Saga training, but since the book has been discontinued and the author does not have a problem with posting the workouts online, I will be posting them here. As I have done the majority of the workouts, I will also be putting my two cents about the training on here as well. Please note that there are slight variations from the original text, but only stylistically. Nothing in the meat of the program should be lost.

Workout One- The Leaper In-between 
1 Minute of Work Per Station

  1. Push-up-Row-Burpee
  2. Strict Pull-ups
  3. Weighted Box Jumps
  4. Bear Crawl Push-ups
  5. Plank
–3 Rounds
  • Progression: Increase weight used or increase the height of the box jumps. You may also do the workout all over again. 
  • Place a dumbbell, kettlebell, or a rock beneath you (or in each hand), do a push-up and then row once on each side. You’ll likely have to spread your feet in order to stay balanced. After this, jump up without the weights in your hands and then do a burpee before returning to the original position. All three movements are one rep.
  • Strict Pull-ups just mean that you may not kip. You need to go all the way into a full hang and make sure that your chin goes all the way over the bar. 
  • Weighted box jumps are kind of dangerous if you are holding the weight or it is on your back, because if you fall you will not be able to catch yourself properly. However, you may use a barbell, dumbbells, a sandbag, medicine ball, or a weighted vest. When you jump onto the box, make sure that your hips come to full extension before you come back down. They may do so on the jump off. You don’t have to jump, you can step down if you feel so inclined. 
  • Bear Crawl push-ups are a stationary “Dragon Crawl.” One side is long, with one hand reaching out in front of you and one leg straight behind you. The other side is short, with your hand right next to your foot and your elbow on the inside of your knee. To go down, bend your outside arm and lower your shoulder and chest toward the ground. Come up and switch sides. That’s one rep. 
That’s all for today! Until next time, good luck and train hard!!

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