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Centurion Method Workout #2: The Tidal Mark

Here’s the second workout in the Centurion Method Program.

Workout Two: The Tidal Mark

  1. 5 Weighted Plank Walks
  2. 15 Hanging Leg Raises
  3. 5 Dead Leg Drags
  4. 5 Weighted Stalking Walks
  5. 15 Weighted Box Jumps w/20kg (45#)
  6. 20 Chest Raises* w/20kg (45#)
  7. 20 Farmer’s Carry Lifts w/20kg (45#)
  8. 15 Burpee Pull-ups
–For Time
  • For the plank walk, you will go into a plank position with a dumbbell, kettlebell, or other weight in your hands. You will lift one weight and move it out in front of you and do the same on the other side. That is one rep. Since there are only five reps, the weight should be relatively heavy. 
  • For the hanging leg raises, you should keep your legs as straight as possible and, without swinging, raise them until they are parallel with the floor. 
  • The dead leg drags will require you to put a weight on your ankles or feet and pull yourself forward. There is not a set distance or weight that is listed in the workout, so I would start with 25 meters and 10#. After that, you can increase the distance or the weight, depending on your goals. 
  • On the stalking walks, hold the weight up high on your chest and get into the bottom position of a squat. Then, you move forward on each leg and that is one rep. 
  • The weighted box jump are going to be difficult. You can use a bar, a plate, a sandbag, or any other weight during the exercise, but please be comfortable with box jumps to begin with and start off with a shorter box once you add weight. 
  • Weighted chest raises in the program sound a lot like an upright row, so that’s what I’ve done them as when I did this workout a few times. Holding the weight down by your groin, you will pull up your body in a straight line, your elbows coming up and out. The weight will stop at your chest, just under your neck. Reverse the movement to the starting position to complete the rep. 
  • Farmer’s carry lifts start with holding a weight in each hand. From here, you attempt to raise the weight as high as possible on each side along your body. Your elbows will go out behind you as you complete this lift. 
  • Burpee pull-ups are brutal for a lot of people. You start by completing a burpee, chest to the ground and jump at the top. While in the air, grab the pull-up bar above you and complete a pull-up. At the bottom of the pull-up, release your grip and immediately start the next burpee. 
That’s all for today! Until next time, good luck and train hard!
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