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Centurion Method Workout #5: Couple’s Night

This Centurion Method workout is a partner workout! If you don’t have a partner, keep a timer handy so that you can know how long you need to do the corresponding exercise.

Workout #5: Couple’s Night

  1. 3 x 20 Burpee Clock — Plank 
  2. 3 x 20 Pull-up Clock — Bear Crawl
  3. 3 x 1 Minute of Slow Leg Raises — Rest
  4. 3 x 1 Minute of Inch Worms — Rest
  5. 3 x 1 Minute of Frog Leaps — Rest
  • To explain, you will perform 20 Burpees while your partner is planking. When you get to 20 Burpees, you will switch and you will plank while your partner does 20 Burpees. Same thing for Pull-ups and Bear Crawls. Repeat 2 more times for a total of 3 sets per partner.
  • On the last three exercises, one partner will exercise for the listed time and the other partner will rest. You will then switch. 
  • You can do leg raises lying flat on the ground or hanging from a bar. Try to do them as slow as possible.
  • For Inch Worms, you will hinge at the hips with your legs straight, walk your hands out to the push-up position, then walk your feet up to your hands while keeping your legs straight. Stand up to complete one rep. Repeat for listed time.
  • Frog Leaps are performed by squatting until your hands are on the ground and then exploding up into the air. Land and repeat.
  • To make this harder, double the sets. 
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