Daily 3/12/2012 – Real Anime Training

Daily 3/12/2012

Kamishiro Yuu’s Basic Training- Level 1

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  • There's finally more english subbed Baki: son of ogre out:


    Goes further into the pickle saga, right up to his fight with Baki but annoyingly the chapters skip so we haven't seen the end end. Also get to see the first part of the Baki Yujiro fight! I don't know about you but until recently i found the chapters on all the sites i could find ended at the pickle Katsumi fight. Just wanted to let you know! Its a shame it gets more and more unrealistic because i really found that the characters level of strength was achievable up until son of ogre. Despite that, i still really want to know how it ends.

    PS Check out my blog, Hanma Yujiro training.

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