Daily Training 2/25/2012 – Real Anime Training

Daily Training 2/25/2012

1. Pull-ups: 5, 6, 8, 6, 8
2. 10 Punches to Wooden Post
3. Sit-ups: 30, 28, 32, 30, 28, 28 (Used big toes to hold self against the wall)
4. Play wrestling with Isaiah
5. Chambered Balance Kicking (each side)
-15 Round Kicks
-15 Front Kicks
-25 Round Kicks
-15 Front Kicks
6. Stair Climbing with Toes Only- 14 Steps
7. Footwork Practice- C-Stepping, V-Stepping, Outboxer Footwork
8. 30 Jabs (each side)
9. 10 Knuckle Push-ups
10. 30 Chuudan Seiken Zuki (each side)
11. Toe curls against fingers

Getting really bored with this randomness. I was using this style of training as an experiment and it’s not really working out the way I would like it. I’ll do some writing on it another time.

In other news, the consistent training I’ve been doing for my feet is actually coming along pretty nicely and I’m hoping to see some results of that training in the next few months with better weight-shifting and agility.

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