Daily Training 3/26/2012- End of Phase 1 – Real Anime Training

Daily Training 3/26/2012- End of Phase 1


Ippo’s Basic Training


Balance Kicking: Roundhouse- 3 x 10 Each Side


All in all, I’m very satisfied with Phase 1. I pushed very hard in the push-ups and sit-ups today and was pleased with the outcome. However, due to an abdominal cramp and some mild dehydration, I ran the 3 miles a full minute slower than I anticipated, which was slightly bothersome. In any case, I’m looking forward to Phase 2, especially because I’ll be spending 5 months on it.

For the first month of Phase 2, I’ll most likely use Kamishiro Yuu’s Basic Training and Narushima Ryou’s Basic Training for most of my supplemental training, but I’m sure I’ll throw some other things in there as well. 😛

Looking forward to it. Hope you guys enjoy all of the updates!

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Stephen Ross is a Certified Personal Trainer with a B.A. in Philosophy from the University of South Carolina and author of Real Anime Training since 2007. He has been studying various modalities of fitness for 20 years and is greatly interested in helping people improve their lives, both in the gym and out.