Daily Training 3/30/2012 – Real Anime Training

Daily Training 3/30/2012


Starting the Journey- Level 1


Kamishiro Yuu’s Basic Training- Level 2


I always do all the jabs in a single session, so let me say this… Oh, my God, my shoulders hurt! XD

Surprisingly, my left foot started to go numb after a bit. I think it says something about the way I’m stepping. I’m not sure if I’m stomping my foot a lot on the left side or if it’s how I’m shifting my weight. I’ll try to figure it out as I go. One more hard training day left in the week!

Let’s train hard, everyone!

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Stephen Ross is a Certified Personal Trainer with a B.A. in Philosophy from the University of South Carolina and author of Real Anime Training since 2007. He has been studying various modalities of fitness for 20 years and is greatly interested in helping people improve their lives, both in the gym and out.