Daily Training- 4/24/2012 – Real Anime Training

Daily Training- 4/24/2012

MMA Conditioning Class at Blackforce MMA

5 Minutes Jump Rope
Circuit Training:

  1. 1st Circuit- 10 x 1 Minute Rounds, 30 Sec Rest
  2. 3 Minutes Rest
  3. 2nd Circuit- 6 x 2 Minute Rounds, 30 Sec Rest (I assumed it would be 10 rounds again, so I didn’t count, so I’m not sure how many it actually was)
  4. 3 Minutes Rest
  5. 3rd Circuit- 5 x 3 Minute Rounds, 30 Sec Rest
  6. Cool Down Jog/Lateral Movement/Backpedaling- 3 Minutes
Kind of an open circuit including conditioning ropes, sit-ups w/medicine ball throw, push-up plank walk, sledgehammer work, weighted lunges, squats on unstable surface, pull-ups, dips, bodyweight rows, squat stance with plate front lateral raises, plyometric push-ups on a medicine ball, walk outs/push-ups/crunches on BOSU ball, and some ab work. I pretty much did everything at least once in the course of the workout. The last three minute round was squat jumps, which sucked after all the rest of that stuff and my roadwork and sprints from yesterday. 
I took some pictures of the place and spoke to the Instructor. Going to post some about it in the next couple of days. Hopefully you guys enjoy that. 🙂
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  • Avatar D says:

    First I would like to begin by thanking you. Your blog has helped me improve my martial arts skills and overall fitness, while keeping me interested. So for that, thank you very much and don't ever stop posting. Secondly for the Summer I've been trying to get a short term (2 or so month) intense training schedule. I want to try to improve my strength, speed, power ect (basically overall fitness) but have minimal equipment. I would love to hear your ideas.

  • Avatar Stephen Ross says:

    Thanks so much for reading! I'm very glad that the blog has been helpful to you.

    I'd be happy to take a look and see what kind of schedule I could drum up for you with minimal equipment. I'll just assume minimal means none and go from there.

    Might just post it as a summer routine, but I don't really know yet. I can really only make suggestions, given that I do not know your level of fitness or knowledge of exercises. I will do what I can, though.

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