Daily Training-4/29/2012 – Real Anime Training

Daily Training-4/29/2012

-3 x 10 Reps  125/175/215 #
-2 Reps, 20 sec rest x 5 rounds w/245#
Ball Squats
-3 x 10 reps  60#
2 Sets of 100 yard hill sprints
Super set:
-Alternating Biceps Curls- 10 Reps 30#/hand
-Nosebreaker Push-ups- 10 Reps
-15 second punch sprint
Super set:
-Reverse curls- 10 Reps 50#
-Push-ups- 10 Reps (4-0-2 tempo)
20 seconds punching with 3# weights
10 seconds rest
Training with Dad was fun.
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  • wondering if # means kg or lbs?

  • Stephen Ross says:

    It's lbs. We were kind of limited with the amount of weight we had, since we weren't lifting in a gym.

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