Daily Training 5/28/2012 – Real Anime Training

Daily Training 5/28/2012

Playing around with Isaiah at Cedar Falls Park in Fountain Inn, South Carolina.  Lots of wading through waist-deep water, walking on sand and rocks and balancing on logs, jumping across rocks– a lot of interesting balance work, especially keeping a 4-year old out of fast-moving water.

Was barefoot on a lot of different surfaces and my feet are a little sore.  Think I’m going to try to be barefoot more to toughen the soles of my feet.

Early Afternoon
Flat Bench Press with my Dad. 

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  1. 125# x 15
  2. 175# x 12
  3. 195# x 8
  4. 215# x 6
  5. 245# x 2
  6. DB- 50#/hand  x 26 reps

Chest was a little sore from previous days, so while I’m a little disappointed with the weights, it’s understandable… especially since I haven’t really been lifting much. 


  1. 25 Side Chops Each Side
  2. 50 Downward Chops

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    how about a workout based off Sendo
    from Hajime no Ippo

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