Daily Training Update 1/29/2011-1/31/2011 – Real Anime Training

Daily Training Update 1/29/2011-1/31/2011


Light Boxing Sparring
Practiced punches and kicks
50 Sit-ups
20 Ab Wheels


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1/4 Mile Jog
100 Meter Sprint
100 Meter Bunny Hop
100 Meter Sprint
100 Meter Skipping
1/4 Mile Walk
Light Mitt Work
Practiced Grappling


15 Jumping Jacks
“Sweeping with and Iron Broom” Level 1
Handstand Practice


  • I’m gonna start doing this in bursts, so they don’t take up as many posts.
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  • Avatar Anonymous says:

    hey, just wanting to say, i LOVE this blog. its the only one of its kind (that i have found). but I was just wondering if there was anything else that you could do for dbz (even though you've pretty much covered it all)

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