Daily Training Update- 12/22/2010 – Real Anime Training

Daily Training Update- 12/22/2010

5 Minutes Shadowboxing- Footwork Intensive

Real Anime Training Warm-up
Waddle-Walking w/resistance bands
Kamishiro Yuu’s Kick Training


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  • Sliced my finger open yesterday, so probably going to be doing stuff not hand-related for a few days. Damn spagetti sauce cans!
  • Waddle-Walking is probably called something else, but I had a resistance band strapped in between my ankles and, with my feet spread out wide, I squatted down a little and walked forward. I’ve seen several fighters do this exercise, so I thought I’d give it a try.
  • Kicked a heavy bag (B.O.B.- Body Opponent Bag) for the workout.

You guys are more than welcome to post your daily workouts in the comments of my Daily Training Updates! I would love to see which Real Anime Training Workouts you are doing (if you are doing them) and watch your progress!

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