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Dragon Ball Workout Master Post

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The Goku Training Program Master Post

(In Chronological Order)


  1. Goku’s Early Training
  2. Roshi’s Training
  3. The Turtle Hermit’s Training (Roshi on Steroids)
  4. Run, Swim, Climb (AKA: Travel the World with Goku)
  5. Find the Dragon Balls: Run, Swim, Climb (Remix)
  6. Korin-sama’s Training
  7. Kami-sama’s Training
  8. Gohan’s Wilderness Training
  9. Kaio-sama’s Training
  10. The North Kaio-Sama’s Training
  11. Goku’s Gravity Room Workout (Video)
  12. Goku’s Gravity Room Workout: 100Gs Add-on
  13. Dragon Ball: The Super Saiyan Workout
  14. Goku’s Leg Day with King Kai
  15. Goku and Vegeta’s Training with Whis

Other Workouts

  1. Yamcha’s Weight Training
  2. Yamcha, the Desert Bandit
  3. The Crane Hermit’s Training
  4. The Frieza Workout
  5. The Cell Workout
  6. The Buu Workout
  7. Krillin Trains for the 22nd Tenkaichi Budokai
  8. Gohan’s Z-Sword Training
  9. Vegeta’s Gravity Room Workout
  10. Vegeta’s Gravity Room Training- 500 x Gravity
  11. The Gravity Room Method
  12. The Gravity Room Method 2.0
  13. Super Saiyan Stretches: The Kamehameha
  14. Super Saiyan Stretches: The Final Flash
  15. Super Saiyan Stretches: The Masenko

I will be adding to this post as needed.


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