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Dragonball- Goku’s Early Training

I was thinking the other day about the kind of training that Grandpa Gohan would’ve put Goku through in his early years and that it might be an interesting subject for a workout. Grandpa Gohan was trained by Master Roshi, so obviously that training method it burned in his body, but I doubt he did anything quite as vicious with Goku, because the little tailed warrior is plainly surprised by the ferocity of Master Roshi’s training.

So, I took a look at some of the things you see Goku doing in the first episode of Dragonball and I thought about some other things a young man living (alone) on a mountain may have to do and this is what I came up with.  Check it out and consider supporting our work!

Dragonball- Goku’s Early Training

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  1. Run 1 Mile
  2. Wood Cutting- 30 Minutes
  3. Heavy Object Lifting- 15 Minutes (Throw object every 10th lift)
  4. Tree Punching/Kicking (As is comfortable)- 10 Minutes 
  5. “Playing” (see notes)- 15 Minutes 
  6. Practice Martial Arts- 30 Minutes
  7. Walk 1 Mile
  • The run can be at whatever pace you like. 
  • For wood cutting, you can use an ax, a hatchet, or a saw. Please be careful not to cut yourself, however. 
  • Heavy object lifting is kind of open, you can lift stones, logs, sandbags, or whatever you have. The general point is for it to be moderately heavy and slightly awkward at the same time, so you can build real-world strength. And on the 10th lift of whatever it is you are using, you will attempt to toss the weight in any direction you choose, just be careful not to drop it on your head. 
  • For tree punching/kicking, I would recommend as smooth a tree as possible. Perhaps even a flat surface from where you were sawing a tree previously. Hit at your own comfort level. It shouldn’t really be painful, but you should also know you are hitting something. Remember to use proper striking form and restraint. If you slam your fist into a tree as hard as you can the first time… that will probably be the last thing you hit with that hand for a while, so be careful.
  • “Playing” is also a rather open concept. You can run around, practice jumping or climbing or swimming, spin around in circles, hang upside down, balance a stick on two fingers, throw a ball up in the air and catch it, balance on a fallen tree… I think you get the picture. The point of the training is both a reminder of the different kinds of training that exists and each of their uses and also to remind you to keep things fun!
  • For martial arts practice, you can pick a couple of techniques you would like to practice and hammer them out, you can work any drills you know, you can shadowbox, practice forms, or whatever you like. The only catch is that your practice will be solo. That means you will not have a partner for practice time. Sometimes it’s good to just sit back and practice whatever you would like to train.
  • On the last mile walk, just take your time and enjoy the scenery of wherever it is you are walking. Plus, nobody said you had to stop walking at a mile. Let this last part be a peaceful time of meditation for you and try to observe your natural surroundings, whatever they may be. 
That’s all for this one, guys! Until next time, good luck and train hard! If you enjoyed this workout, consider becoming a Patron!
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  • D says:

    First let me say that I've been a huge fan of the site for a very long time but have never posted a comment. I'd like to thank you for getting me into excellent shape, while having fun and staying interested. Anyway I was wondering if you could help me write up a dragon ball summer training program. The general idea is that it should be short, sweet, and very intense. I'm looking foward to your response, thanks again!

  • Josh says:

    On the heavy object lifting, how high are we suppose to lift the object?

    • Stephen Ross says:

      It depends on how heavy and awkward it is. If you can safely lift the object over your head, go for it! However, if the weight is too heavy or is too awkward, just get it as high as you can.

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