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Dragonball Training Manual- Part II

I’m picking my training up back to where it used to be. I had to take some time off because of work and school, but now I’m gonna kick it into high gear. I did horribly on my first real training day… but, if you started off awesome, what kind of montage would that make? Here’s some more training tips for all the otaku out there.


After this training (with Roshi), Goku was able to thoroughly trounce the majority of his opponents at the World Martial Arts Tournament. This wasn’t the end of his training, though. He wandered the world in search of the dragonballs and, in doing so, trained in even more interesting ways. Climbing trees and mountains, swimming across lakes and oceans, and running across long distances.
Thus, the three exercises here are running, climbing, and swimming.

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Running is essential for building lung power, although you don’t want to start running for miles and miles and miles day in and day out, because it puts a lot of wear and tear on your body. Once a week or so, walk/jog/run a mile or two. If you start out slow and gradually work your way up, you’ll end up with an incredible level of endurance and lung power. If you feel like it, even get up to five or ten miles at a time, but for heaven’s sake, not every day! This has always been one of the hardest things for me to do. I tend to get bored on long running stints, so, if you have a portable radio, CD player, or MP3 player utilize it! Unfortunately, you probably won’t be chasing (or chased by) the Red Ribbon Army, so you’ll have to motivate yourself. I recommend, at most, running three or four times a week. You still need to be able to put other training into your schedule and if you’ve beat your body senseless on the road for seven days straight, it won’t cooperate for your other training very well and may very well bite you back in the form of an injury.


After the fashion of climbing Karin’s tower, let’s get back to basics. When I was little, I absolutely loved to climb trees. I’d climb big trees, little trees, it didn’t matter! I think I just liked being taller than everyone else. When you get in the habit of climbing trees, your arms, legs, and core will become as hard as the tree branches you are climbing. When you climb to the top of a tree for the first time and then back down again, I’m betting you’ll be in a world of hurt. After a while, though, it’ll be just like walking. I guess it would be easier if you had a little monkey tail, though. You can climb trees or you can find a rock wall and get some of that action! Rock walls are one heck of a workout to be sure. You talk to a guy who can free climb up a mountain or a cliff and you can bet that this guy is tough. Be safe, though. Don’t go off and tackle the side of a mountain to start (with no equipment, to boot!), because you’ll probably die. If you’re going to rock climb, and you aren’t already familiar with it, seek out a professional to help you or go to a gym where they have people ready to assist you. Here’s another option, go find a climbing rope about 10-12 feet in length, tie it to a branch on a tree and climb, climb, climb!


On his way to his second attempt to win at the World Martial Arts Tournament, Goku actually swam across an ocean! Don’t worry, I’m not suggesting to swim across the Atlantic or anything. However, there’s an important lesson here. If you can build speed in the water, you’ll be much faster on land. Swimming is a FULL body exercise to be certain. The health benefits of swimming are unbelievable: your endurance will absolutely skyrocket, while your heart will thank you by beating for about five or ten extra years, and finally, it is one heck of a fat burner. If you swim a lot, though, you will build a thin layer of subcutaneous fat (fat in between the muscle and the skin). You won’t look fat, you’ll just have smoother look across your muscles. In any case, you’ll relish the benefits. Freestyle, backstroke, butterfly- PICK ONE! Just get in the water and go at it.

Once again, that’s all for now!

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