Dragonball Training Manual- Part III – Real Anime Training

Dragonball Training Manual- Part III

Training is going a little worse than I expected it. It’s so weird how much you lose when you take a few months off. Never again, though! From this point on, my entire life will be dedicated to training and the martial arts. And, here’s some more for you guys.


Some of Goku’s most important training went on with Kami on the Lookout. Here, Goku learned about sensing energy and increased his already incredible power to new heights. The training methods on the Lookout centered a good deal around speed and reaction time. To build these things, work on some things called “plyometrics”. Do push-ups with a jump, put some SPRING in your step when you walk, and just generally find ways to bounce around to build the explosive power and speed that Goku acquired while training with Kami. You could also use wearable weights, but I recommend starting off with the smallest increments you can find and slowly, I repeat, s-l-o-w-l-y work your way up to wearing ten or twenty pounds on your arms and legs. If you don’t, you could do serious damage to your joints and connective tissue. Don’t just strap on some heavy weights and walk around with them, expecting them to make you super powerful just because you’re wearing them. I seriously would recommend, if you are going to use wearable weights, that you start your exercise program without them and then add them later. At first, I’d say wait six months before you add weight and then, when you do, make the increments at about 6-8 weeks for adding more. For instance, if you start off with 2 and 1/2 lb ankle weights, your next jump should be something reasonable, like maybe 5 lbs on your ankles or just adding another 2 and 1/2 lbs to your wrists. All in all, progressing slowly will allow you to get stronger without injuring yourself. Incorporate these lessons with the exercises mentioned previously and further on in the text.

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Examples of Plyometric exercises
-Jump-Clap Push-ups
-Jump Squats
-Skipping (make sure you jump high on each skip)
-High jumps
-Box jumps

Don’t worry, if you are a little shaky on how to do these exercises, we’ll show them in greater detail as soon as we get a camera.

That’s all for now, guys!

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  • Jett says:

    is it jump *plus* clap push ups or jump *or* clap push ups???? just wondering. jump plus clap push ups seem alot harder then just jump or clap push ups alone.

  • Jett says:

    lol didn't relize how old you posted this up (2007) and im extra late askin questions xD

  • Vaxoin says:

    You could just call them clapping push-ups. Lol. Push-up, then clap.

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