Endurance Workouts Master Post – Real Anime Training

Endurance Workouts Master Post

Movement-based Endurance 

  1. Rock Lee’s “Curry of Life” Workout
  2. Natsu Hates Transportation
  3. Nishi’s Weight Loss Training
  4. Battle Club: Wrestling Club Training Camp
  5. Yakitate! Japan- Kawachi’s Solar Gauntlet Training
  6. Korin-sama’s Training
  7. Dragon Ball- Run, Swim, Climb
  8. Find the Dragonballs Workout: Run, Swim, Climb (Remix)
  9. Kiichi’s Iron Kiba Training B
  10. Shinogi Kureha’s Endurance Workout
  11. Shautei Lei’s Basic Training
Muscular Endurance

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  1. Bane’s Solitary Confinement Workout

More workouts will be added as they are created/I have time.
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