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Erza’s Basic Training- “Tower of Heaven” Workout

I received a few requests for Erza workouts, but I wasn’t really sure what to do.  However, after thinking it over, I figured the best place to start would be Erza as a child. As a child, Erza lived a hard life, being conscripted into building the “Tower of Heaven” for a Zeref-worshipping cult. During this time, she was subjected to hard labor, which, given proper nutrition, would have made her decently strong.  This workout is based on the activities that Erza would have been doing during the construction of the Tower.

Activities that made her strong enough to kick some slave-driving ass.

Erza’s Basic Training- “Tower of Heaven” Workout

  1. 100 Pick-ax or Sledgehammer Swings
  2. Shovel Wheelbarrow full of Dirt or Stones
  3. 100 Meter Wheelbarrow Push
  4. Dump Wheelbarrow
–1 to 5 Rounds, depending on fitness. Rest 5 Minutes, then
  1. 100 Meter Farmer’s Walk- 60# Dumbbells or a 5-gallon bucket filled w/sand per hand
  2. 100 Meter Sandbag Carry- 50 to 100#
  3. 100 Meter Rock Carry- 75 to 100#
  4. 100 Meter Log Carry- 100 to 125#
  5. Walk up and down 100 stairs with 1 of the above weights
–1 to 5 Rounds, depending on fitness. Rest 5 Minutes, then
  1. Climb as many stairs as possible in 20 minutes


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  • I recommend doing 50 swings on each side with the pick-ax or sledgehammer. You can alternate on every strike or every ten or whatever. Just make it even. Swing the pick-ax at dirt and the sledgehammer at stones or a tire. 
  • If you are swinging a pick-ax into dirt, using that dirt to fill the wheelbarrow makes the most sense. Alternatively, if you are swinging at stones with the sledge, you can will the wheelbarrow with those. 
  • Once you dump the wheelbarrow, you can just use the same dirt or stone as you did on the previous run. 
  • If you are new to fitness, please start with only 1 round of each group of exercises and then build from there. 
  • The weights for the Farmer’s Walk and the carries are merely the suggested weights. You do not have to use weights that are as heavy as that, but it is something to work up to. Sandbags, rocks, and logs are all awkward to carry, so they will feel like a lot more than whatever weight the actually are. 
  • Be very careful when walking up and down the stairs with the weights. If you need to decrease the weight for this portion at first, please do so. 
  • I cannot stress enough that you are walking up and down the steps with one of the weights. Do not run. If you fall on steps while carrying a heavy weight, the result will not be good. 
  • At the end, you can use a stair climber, a step mill, or a long stretch of stairs or bleachers. If you have to go back down to go back up, that’s perfectly fine. If you were looking to run stairs before, now is the time to run stairs. Please be careful and make sure you have good footing at all times. 
  • Make sure to use your rest times. You want to be able to put your all into each of the exercises.
That’s all for today! Until next time, good luck and train hard!
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