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Fist of the North Star- The Sergeant’s Training

Fist of the North Star is over the top, gory, and freaking awesome. It’s “Mad Max” meets kung fu movie and it generally throws realism right out the window. However, that’s not gonna stop us from pulling training methods out of it, now is it!? (The answer is no.)

Kenshiro, the main character, encounters a Sergeant, who leads a kill-or-be-killed military regiment from the world before the apocalypse. His soldiers are no match for the main character’s Hokuto Shinken, but we still get to see some useful training. This workout is based on the small amount of training that we do see.

Fist of the North Star- The Sergeant’s Training

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  1. 20 Push-ups w/135# (vest, backpack, weight plates)
  2. Climb 20ft of Rope
  3. Dumbbell Thrusters- 10 x 40#
–5 Rounds, then rest 10 minutes
  1. 20 Minutes Martial Arts Practice
  2. 20 Minutes Sparring


  • Obviously, if you need to scale this workout back by doing less weight or fewer rounds, please do so. Doing 20 push-ups with 135lbs on your back during a MetCon is not an easy thing. 
  • If you don’t have 20ft of rope, climb 10ft of rope twice or 5ft of rope four times. When it is listed as “X” ft of rope, that means that it starts at chest height. If your rope is only 20ft hanging, you need to subtract your height from below your chest from the length of the rope. 
  • Dumbbell Thrusters start from a similar position as a Dumbbell Overhead Press or a Dumbbell Front Squat. You’ll squat down to full squat depth and at the top of the squat you will do a push press. If you need some assistance on this one, reference here.
  • Your martial arts practice can be forms, shadowboxing, bag work, technique or combo practice, or anything that you like, even weapons training.
  • Be safe when sparring. Wear at least a mouthpiece and cup. It is recommended that you wear more gear for safety’s sake, but at least those. If you wear less gear, pull back your contact. Only go full contact if you’re at least wearing gloves, shin-pads, and headgear. 
  • You can also grapple, instead of sparring. 
That’s all for today. Hope you enjoy this one and hopefully, I’ll be able to get some more out of Fist of the North Star. Until next time, good luck and train hard!
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  • robisntdrunk says:

    Before realism was thrown out the window, it was already dead.

  • ATAAA!
    Fist of the North Star Workouts are finally here!
    Thanks so much! I expect many more great things from this blog in the near future.
    If you plan on doing several more Fist of the North star Workouts, then you could try one for Raoh, with raw power training like one arm pull ups, pistol squats and tire flips/car pushing or Souther, with speed training like hill/stair sprints and some crazy variations of explosive pushups and squats (clapping HSPU perhaps?).
    Maybe you could even throw in exercises from the 72 arts of Shaolin to go with the whole ancient martial arts theme.

    (I cant even fathom how one would begin to piece together a Kenshiro workout, the hand conditioning alone would probably be its own full-scale program!)

  • Stephen Ross says:

    @Arman You're right! The hand conditioning would pretty much be its own program! I just posted some of Kenshiro's training, so be sure to check that out.

    I'm going page-by-page thrown Fist of the North Star to try to piece some stuff together. If I don't have any explicit training scenes, I'll probably do something like you're recommending and focus on the attributes of the styles or characters.

  • >