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Full Contact Workout

I ran across this manga called “Full Contact.” It’s pretty cool. It’s about a guy who gets sent to live as an in-house disciple for his high school days. I haven’t found a whole lot of chapters, but in the small amount that there is, I managed to grab a workout. Here it is.

“Full Contact” Basic Training


1. Run 3 Miles
2. Rest 10 Minutes, stretch
3 Run 3 Miles
3. 3 Sets of MAX Push-ups
4. 3 Sets of MAX Squats

1. Run 6 Miles
2. 100 Push-ups
3. 100 Squats
4. Set of MAX Push-ups
5. Set of MAX Squats

1. Run 6 Miles with sand in pants (5lbs/leg)
2. 100 Push-ups on stools
3. Rest 5 Minutes
4. 50 One Legged Squats on stools (each side)

1. Run 6 Miles with sand in pants (10lbs/leg)
2. 100 Push-ups on stools
3. Rest 5 Minutes
4. 100 Push-ups on stools
5. Rest 5 Minutes
6. 100 One Legged Squats on stools (each side)

1. Run 6 Miles with sand in pants (10lbs/leg)
2. 100 Push-ups on stools
3. Rest 5 Minutes
4. 100 Push-ups on stools
5. Rest 5 Minutes
6. 100 Push-ups on stools
7. Rest 5 Minutes
8. 150 One Legged Squats on stools (each side)
OK, even though this is a “basic training” workout… it’s really not. It’s hard and it’ll kill you if you are out of shape and don’t respect the difficulty. That’s why the prep level exists and that’s why I always tell you, if you can’t complete an exercise, then make it easier until you can complete it. Walk or jog, instead of run, do girly push-ups instead of push-ups, or a half squat instead of a full squat. You get it and I’ve said it before.
Rules before moving on-

  • For this workout, you shouldn’t move on until the workout becomes “Do-able.” That doesn’t mean it’s easy, but that means you get through the run being tired, but not dead.
  • The first level has 3 sets of max push-ups and squats. You shouldn’t move forward until the combined sets for each exercise equals over 100 reps.
  • For the second level, you should do the push-ups and squats until you reach 100 reps, but you should not move on to the next level until you can do the 100 push-ups and 100 squats without stopping. You’ll probably be on this level for a while. The last two sets are there to give you a little extra work.
  • In the third level, here’s how you run with sand in your pants. First, tie a shoestring or a rope tightly to the bottom of each pant leg (but not enough to cut circulation), and then pour the proper amount of sand down each leg. If you can, wear either a tight-fitting pair of long-leg briefs or compression shorts (probably the better choice). For the push-ups on stools, place both feet close together on on box or stool and each one of your hands on the edge of a stool. The position of your hands should be your normal push-up width and the boxes should be space far enough to allow your body to pass between them. Make sure your shoulders go below the level of the boxes on each rep. On the one-legged squats, use a 24 inch stool or box, and put the leg that is not pushing out on the floor in front of you. You shouldn’t be using your other leg to jump up, but only using the leg on the stool or box to push.
  • The other levels are just repeats of the third level. It will be very, very, very, etc. hard to get to the final level of this workout. As with everything, think about the long term.
That’s all for this workout! Till next time, good luck and train hard!

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