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Furinji Saiga’s Primal Movement Workout

We haven’t seen much of Furinji Saiga’s training in History’s Strongest Disciple Kenichi, but we do know that he is the son of the “Invincible Superman,” Furinji Hayato. Therefore, because of that, we can guess that he is similarly trained and/or skilled. The Elder uses a lot of “Ancient Martial Arts” and is also capable of ridiculous feats of strength such as trimming his trees with just his fingers or running across the tops of trees or even water.

When we first really get to see Saiga, he manages to defeat five Master-class fighters before a coat has time to fall to the ground and the remaining Fists of Yami are wary and possibly even afraid of him. I have based this workout on the concept of “Ancient Primal Power.” I will probably do another workout for Saiga, if we ever get some concrete training scenes for him.

Furinji Saiga’s Primal Movement Workout

-Practice Martial Arts: 1 Hour (see notes)
-Primal Movement (All Exercises are MAX Reps, one right after the next. Choose one from each group. Choose a different exercise each time you do the workout.)

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  1. Squat: Conventional, Sumo, Hindu, Split, or Pistol
  2. Lunge: Forward, Side, Reverse, or Walking
  3. Push: Push-up, One-Arm Push-up, Dip, or Handstand Push-ups
  4. Pull: Pull-up, Body Row, Upside Down Row, or One-Arm Variations
  5. Bend and Lift: Deadlift, Single-Arm Deadlift, Single Leg Deadlift(45#/25#)
  6. Rotational Movement: Waist Twist or Wood Chop
  7. Barefoot Walking/Running: 30 Minutes, as is comfortable
  8. Swimming: 30 Minutes, any style
  9. Climbing: 30 Minutes (Rope, Tree, Rock)
4-6 Hours Later
-If you still feel good after the morning training, then repeat the entire workout over again. I don’t mean, “Hey, I can still walk, let me make it so I can’t anymore.” What I mean is, if you breeze right through the workout and you still feel pretty strong, then attempt to complete the workout again in its entirety. You’re only required to do max reps of the the movements, so whenever you fail is fine; however, you are free to stop whenever you need to during the second run through.  
    • Practicing martial arts can be anything you like: it can be any type of bag work, forms, shadowboxing, sparring, a martial arts class, or even just practicing single techniques.
    • Conventional Squats would be feet directly under hips, sumo would be feet wide and pointing out, hindu are feet right under hips, but knees come out over the toes, and a split squat is done from a lunge position. Remember to do each side for the split squats.
    • For forward lunges, step out in front of you, bending at the forward knee until your rear knee almost touches the ground. Reverse the movement by pushing off the front foot and return to standing. One rep is each side. Side lunges require you to step out to the side and squat back, with the other leg straight. Return to the start by pushing off the lunging leg. A reverse lunge means the leg that is moving is the rear leg. The to return back to start, push off the rear leg and return to standing. A walking lunge just means that you will lunge forward and step through to the lunge on the opposite side. 
    • Pull-ups and body rows can be any grip you like. Upside down rows are done by hanging upside down on a bar by your hands, with your feet straight up in the air. You will then pull yourself up by bringing your hands to your shoulders. This is a fairly difficult movement so be careful.
    • For the deadlift, you can use a bar or a log. You will squat down and grab the bar or log with straight arms. Your head will be up, your butt will be down, and your back will be straight. Then, you will push down through your heels and drive your hips forward to lift the weight. The bar will travel up close to your shins and thighs for the whole movement. Your arms will stay straight and you will not shrug your shoulders. At the top of the movement, you will have your hips fully extended, shoulders back. Then, you will slowly reverse the movement and sit the weight down. That’s one rep. The single arm variation has a weight on either side of the body. You’ll complete the reps on your weakest side and then complete the same number of reps on the other. The single-leg variation is a little different, because your non-lifting leg will extend out behind you as you bend at the waist. Your lifting leg will be only slightly bent and the majority of the motion will come from your hip and waist movement.
    • The waist twist is done with very little or no weight and is really just for loosening up. The wood chopping should be actual wood chopping with an ax. You can do swings from shoulder to hip or you can do sideways swings. 
    • You’ll notice a lot of differences in your stride in walking and running if you’ve never done it barefoot. At the beginning, you should try to stay on grass or sand, until you toughen your feet up some. 
    • On the climbing portion, make sure that you only climb to a height with which you are comfortable. 10-12 feet is generally a good height when you are by yourself. If you have access to a rock wall with climbing support, that can be really helpful, too.
    • If you decide to repeat the workout, that includes the hour of martial arts. 
    That’s all for today! Until next time, good luck and train hard!
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