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Future Boy Conan (Submission)

Future boy Conan Workout (Original Submission)

Future boy conan is set in the year 2021…13 years after a nuclear war destroys the world. A spacecraft trying to escape the earth crash-lands on an island with a small boy.

Swimming skills:
Conan is a very good swimmer and fisher he can even out swim a shark.and hold his breath underwater for 10 minutes so every chance you get practice your swimming and holding your breath underwater.And if you don`t have a pool,lake,pond,etc used your bathtub and if your afraid that you will drown in a bathtub then just practicing holding your breath for as long as you can

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if you need help use this as a reference: http://www.ehow.com/how_2062129_hold-breath-longer.html

Handstands Practice: Conan is also good at walking on his hands and even running on them for 30 minutes a day practice your handstands this will give you a strong upperbody and improve your circulatory system

Exceptional Toe strength: One thing that separates conan from many other anime characters is his stronger than average toes He can even hang off a ledge with them and hang on to a flying plain Of course know one is expecting you to get that strong but it does make since to train them as much as possible.(Sorry steve don`t really know how to train toes but if you can please add some

Running: Conan loves to run and race and has actually gotten pretty good at it i know alot of workouts have running but its always good to have a cardio workout in your routine so run everyday until you can`t run anymore as long is its cardio

Above-average strength:Again!!know one is telling you to be superman but conan is strong enough to the point where he can carry a full grown shark and survive a 100 ft fall So whenever you can whether its a baby back ride or pulling train with your balls get out there and get strong If you lift weights that would be perfect


Future Boy Conan (Real Anime Training Edit)

Swimming Skills (Two Days a Week)
-2 x 50 Meter (Any Style)
-2 x 100 Meter (Any Style)
-2 x 200 Meter (Any Style)
-400 Meter 
-Breath Holding: 3 Sets to Failure
Experienced swimmers may use this as a reference for workouts: http://ruthkazez.com/50swimworkouts.html

Handstand Practice (Two Days a Week)
-30 Minutes of practice, including, but not limited to, kicking up into a handstand, holding stationary handstand, walking on hands, and becoming very comfortable on your hands in general.

Toe Strength (Three Days a Week)
-30 Minutes of training. Examples: 1) Picking up objects and small weights with your toes (marbles, string, fishing weights), 2) Scooping sand/dirt/pebbles/iron shot with just your toes, 3) Walking up steps with just your toes on the edge of the step, 4) Kicking a punching bag or Iron Body Conditioning Bag with your toes, 5) Attempting to stand just on your toes for as long as possible.

Running (Three Days a Week)
-Run barefoot, but take it easy at first if you aren’t used to it.
-Run sprints or intervals or distance.
-Run on flat surfaces, hills, grass, or the beach. Wherever.
-Good place to start: Couch to 5k
-Experienced runners: You’ve got this one.

Above Average Strength (Two Days a Week)
-Strongman Exercises (Stone Lifts, Sled Drags, etc.)
-Powerlifting Exercises (Bench, Deadlift, Squat)
-Olympic Lifts (Clean and Press, Clean and Jerk, Snatch, etc.)
-Plyometrics (Clapping Push-ups, Jump Squats, Skipping, etc.)

I tried not to get too specific, since the original submission was more a guide. I’ve been meaning to get to this submission for a while. In general, if you followed a guideline of fitness like this, you would be in a pretty decent all-around shape. This was submitted by blackeroni on YouTube. 

Thanks for the submission! If you have a submission, be sure to email us at realanimetraining@gmail.com or send us a message on YouTube. 

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