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Garouden: Bunshichi Tanba’s Daily Training

Garouden is a badass manga, which was apparently a book series first, has also been made into a movie and has another manga version. Bunshichi Tanba has a lot of success as a dojo crasher, until he stumbles upon a pro-wrestling gym and procedes to get worked over. The story chronicles Tanba’s exploits, as well as the fights of some of the world’s greatest (fictional) fighters. I’ve only ever read both the manga versions, but both are very enjoyable and include great action. I strongly encourage you to check out any version of the story you can get your hands on.

Also, this workout is called “Daily Training,” but I’m sure that this isn’t the only thing he does, it’s just something he’s seen doing in one of the manga versions.

Garouden: Bunshichi Tanba’s Daily Training

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Run 3 Miles, then

50 Knuckle Push-ups
10 Fingertip Push-ups (5 fingers)
10 Fingertip Push-ups (minus pinky)
10 Fingertip Push-ups (minus pinky/ring)
10 Fingertip Push-ups (minus pinky/ring/middle)
10 Thumb Push-ups
—2 Rounds

Practice Martial Arts


  • If you are unable to do fingertip push-ups, just practice them as best you can. I would say you would need to be able to do all 50 Fingertip push-ups with 5 fingers before you start dropping other fingers.
  • For martial arts practice, there is no definite time or prescription. You can do forms, shadowbox, practice techniques, hit pads/mitts, spar, or just practice various footwork.
  • Ideally, there is no rest in between any of the activities of this workout.

Sorry there haven’t been too many workouts recently. The holidays and work have kept me pretty busy, but I’ve still been researching. Still looking to toss out some things like Garouden, Ultra Red, TOUGH, and other things.

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