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Goals for Real Anime Training and Personal Goals

I was thinking the other day about what I wanted to do with this blog and what I wanted to get out of it, so I thought I’d make a list of goals for this blog. They are in no particular order, and will be updated with completed goals, goals may be removed, or new ones may be added. Some of them are short term, some of them are long term and some of them are just on here ’cause they’d be cool. I also use the term “blog” loosely, because I’m including all the iterations of our content on all of our pages. And, I’m throwing my personal goals in there because I feel like it. -_-

(It’s really just a checklist so I don’t forget, mostly.)


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Goals for Real Anime Training (and Myself)

  1. Be invited to a major Anime Convention to speak or host an event
  2. Reach 50 Patrons on Patreon
  3. Post 1,000 times to Blogger
  4. Reach 100 Followers on Blogger  12/16/13
  5. Reach 300 Followers on Blogger
  6. Reach 500 Likes on Facebook   9/04/15
  7. Reach 1000 Likes on Facebook
  8. Reach 100 Followers on Twitter 5/24/15
  9. Reach 500 Followers on Twitter  Fall 2017
  10. Reach 1,000 Followers on Twitter
  11. Reach 50,000 readers per day on the Real Anime Training main blog
  12. Make enough money from ad-revenue and future projects to support myself and my training (Big one)
  13. Post 100 Videos on YouTube Fall 2017
  14. Post 500 Videos on YouTube
  15. Reach 1,000 Subscribers on YouTube   11/28/2016
  16. Reach 5,000 Subscribers on YouTube
  17. Reach 500 Followers on Tumblr 9/5/2013
  18. Reach 1,000 Followers on Tumblr  1/7/2015
  19. Reach 2,000 Followers on Tumblr  5/13/2015
  20. Reach 5,000 Followers on Tumblr
  21. Become a professional athlete (More on that in another post)
  22. Do a collaboration video with another fitness/martial arts YouTuber Yang Jian Hou Taiji
  23. Run a marathon
  24. Do 100-Man Kumite
  25. Get a black belt in Brazilian Jujitsu
  26. Train gong fu in China
  27. Train Muay Thai in Thailand
  28. Train Karate and Judo in Japan
  29. Train Brazilian Jujitsu in Brazil
  30. Go on a nationwide roadtrip for Real Anime Training (seminars, conventions, whatever)
  31. Be interviewed by a news station or newspaper  11/30/16 (Kotaku)
  32. Fight in a major MMA promotion in a live, televised event
  33. Meet a famous manga artist (preferably the author of a series I’ve made workouts for) and get their opinion on the blog
  34. Take a few of my readers on a training camp
  35. Do a Tough Mudder
  36. Do a Spartan Race (Carolina Spartan Beast- November 9th, 2013)
  37. Achieve Spartan Race Trifecta
  38. Deadlift 405# 2/10/2014
  39. Deadlift 500#
  40. Squat 405#
  41. Weighted Pull-up w/bodyweight
  42. 25 Pull-ups
  43. 100 Push-ups 12/16/13
  44. 200 Sit-ups 8/19/13
  45. 300 Squats 8/19/13
That’s all I’ve got for now. Let’s start trying to scratch some of these off the list, shall we? I’m gonna need you guys’ help on this one. I appreciate all of our readers and I really enjoy putting out content for you guys. 
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  • robisntdrunk says:

    So a year later, any closer to these goals?

  • Stephen Ross says:

    Closer, yes. It's a slow process. I've got a couple of them in my sights within the next few month, but we'll see how it goes.

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