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Gohan’s Z-Sword Training

Gohan is frequently one of the strongest characters in Dragon Ball Z. From defeating Cell to being recognized by the Kais as having great strength, he always amazes people with his potential. It’s no surprise then that, when tasked with pulling the legendary Z-Sword from its resting place on the planet of the Supreme Kais, Gohan delivers marvelously.

Well, after quite a bit of effort, that is.

This workout will take us through the entire time that Gohan trained with the sword (which actually wasn’t very long at all) and will be done in different stages ranging from strength to technique.

Gohan’s Z-Sword Training

-Pulling the Z-Sword

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  1. 10 Deadlifts @ 50% 1RM
  2. Rest 30 Seconds
  3. 8 Deadlifts @ 60% 1RM
  4. Rest 40 Seconds
  5. 6 Deadlifts @ 70% 1RM
  6. Rest 50 Seconds
  7. 4 Deadlifts @ 80% 1RM
  8. Rest 60 Seconds
  9. 2 Deadlifts @ 90% 1RM
  10. Rest 120 Seconds
  11. 1 Deadlift @ 95-100% 1 RM
Rest 2 Minutes, then
-Struggling with the Z-Sword
  1. 10 Barbell Sword Swings 
  2. 20 Sledgehammer Swings (10/side)
  3. 30 Downward Axe Swings (15/side)
  4. 40 Side Axe Swings (20/side)
  5. 30 Downward Axe Swings
  6. 20 Sledgehammer Swings
  7. 10 Barbell Sword Side Swing
Rest 2 Minutes, then
-Mastering the Z-Sword
  1. 100 Downward Practice Sword Swings
  2. 100 Sideways Practice Sword Swings (50/side)
  3. 100 Swings of Choice
  4. 5 Minutes Sword Fighting Practice
  • You should strive to do the sets of Deadlifts unbroken, but don’t worry if they aren’t. You also may or may not be able to complete the final set. Keep your form good. If you are unable to complete the workout for any reason, just move on to the next portion. 
  • This workout is going to destroy your grip, so be prepared for that. 
  • The Deadlifts will always be a challenge, because they’ll be based on percentages of 1RM instead of a set weight. 
  • Barbell Sword Swings are a difficult feat. If possible, get as light a bar as possible for this. The overall idea is to be able to take a Barbell at one end (not the part that holds the weight, but the closest part of the bar to that where you would still normally grab), raise it over your head and slowly lower it like you were swinging a sword. DO NOT ACTUALLY SWING THE BARBELL!!! Swinging that much weight so fast will be very hard on your joints, so this is a controlled motion. You will not be able to start with this, even. In fact, you’ll probably have to start by holding the bar in the very center with both hands. As your wrists, arms, and grip gets stronger you will slowly be able to lower your grip on the handle. This will be a very long process. 
  • The sledgehammer swings are your opportunity to swing something a little lighter, but still heavy. You should aim for a tire or perhaps a post you need to drive into the ground. Start with as heavy a sledgehammer that you can comfortably manage and then raise the weight as needed. 
  • The axe swings will be a little lighter and will allow you to swing at a log with greater speed to mimic getting better with the Z-Sword, while allowing you to train similar movement patterns. 
  • The Side Swings should be done on a tree as well. 
  • You should use a wooden practice sword for the last portion of the workout. You’ll be focusing mainly on technique here. You can do the swings one or two-handed if you like and they can be any kind of style: Chinese, Japanese, European, or other. 
  • The last section is for you to spend some time actually thinking about sword fighting and using the practice sword while moving. You could even just mimic the way Gohan moves with the sword. 

That’s all for today! Until next time, good luck and train hard!

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