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Goku and Vegeta’s Training with Whis

After training himself forever, Vegeta finally breaks down and asks somebody for help. He humbles himself and requests to be taught by Whis, the teacher of the God of Destruction, Beerus. Whis accepts and soon takes Vegeta to train on Beerus’ planet.  This marks the first time that someone in the series gets a type of training before Goku, but Son eventually is also brought to the Realm of the Gods to train.

Amidst arguments, training continues in much the same fashion that it always has, lift heavy things for long periods of time and punch each other in the face.

No, I’ll punch YOU in the face!

This will be a series of workouts that will include some things that were not shown in the anime or manga, because they would be assumed considering the type of training. Here we go!

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Goku and Vegeta’s Training with Whis

Walk Around the World

  1. As Far as Possible in 30 Minutes, Deadlift and Carry w/50-90% of 1 RM
  2. Sparring- 5 Minutes

Yard Work and Chores

  1. Perform 1 Hour of Yard Work without the use of Power Tools (See notes)
  2. Sparring- 5 Minutes

Bodyweight Training

  1. 10+ Handstand Push-ups
  2. 25+ Pull-ups
  3. 50+ Push-ups
  4. 50+ Sit-ups
  5. 50+ Squats
  6. 50+ Walking Lunges (per leg)
  7. Sparring- 5 Minutes


  1. Shadowboxing- 3 x 3 Minute Rounds
  2. Light Contact Sparring- 3 x 5 Minute Rounds
  3. 2-on-1 Light Contact Sparring- 3 x 3 Minute Rounds (Rotate Teams each Round)
  4. Full Contact Sparring- 3 x 5 Minute Rounds
  • At the beginning, do not do more than one of these workouts in a day. After training for several months, you may attempt to do two in one day and then (at most) 3 in one day. 
  • The Deadlift should start at a lighter weight and should only be added a little bit at a time. Start at 50% of your 1 Rep Max and add 5# every time or every other time you do the workout. Do NOT add weight too quickly here, because you will hurt yourself. 
  • Yard work could be pulling weeds, cutting grass with a sickle, chopping wood, clearing land or whatever else you can think of, but you must not use any power tools. 
  • For bodyweight training, “10+” means that you do 10 Handstand Push-ups in however many sets it takes you, but you cannot add any until you can do all 10 at once. When you can do all ten at once, add 10 more reps and continue until you can get all 20 at once, then add 10 more. The same thing applies for “25+”, except you add 25 every time and “50+,” except you add 50 reps every time. 
  • During Sparring, it is important that you wear gear for the safety of your training partner and yourself. Try to spar on mats, if possible, as well. This is skill training, primarily. Your toughness will gradually build over time, but this is skill work. Treat it as such. 
  • During bodyweight training, you may eventually add weight in the form of a weighted vest, but only after becoming extremely skilled in those movements. If you’re having trouble breaking through a rep barrier, do a workout with a 5-20# vest and that will help push through that plateau. 
That’s all for today! Until next time, good luck and train hard!

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