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Goku’s Gravity Room Workout: 100Gs Add-on

When I made the original Goku’s Gravity Room Workout, I designed it in such a way for you to be able to get reps in without completely destroying yourself on the first exercise. Eventually, you might be doing 100s of repetitions if you stuck with doing the workout and you could occasionally switch up the workout by doing hanging sit-ups or one-arm push-ups. However, I realized that I missed a couple of things in the workout that could really add to its usefulness, so I’ll be adding that here.

This is an add-on to be done with Goku’s Gravity Room Workout if you wanted to. I’d do it sometimes, so that you get a different experience with the workout. There are some choices to this add-on. You can do any number of them to make the workout more difficult, so enjoy!

You mean it makes the training harder?

Goku’s Gravity Room Workout: 100Gs Add-on

Choose any number to add-on:

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  1. Before starting-100 Walking Lunges on each side
  2. Replace sit-ups with decline sit-ups or hanging sit-ups
  3. Replace push-ups with one-arm push-ups or handstand push-ups
  4. Use bands to increase the difficulty of the push-ups
  5. Wear a weighted vest during the workout (only if Level 5 or above) and start over at Level 1 difficulty
  6. Use 5# Dumbbells instead of 2#. 
  7. Wear ankle weights to make freehand handstand push-ups more difficult
  8. At the end of the workout, rest 5 Minutes and perform as many reps as possible in one set of one of the following: push-ups, one-arm push-ups, sit-ups, hanging sit-ups, or handstand push-ups
  • This is really for those of you hunting for variety.
  • The lunges were added to simulate how Goku walked every time he went to a new gravity level. 
  • With these modifiers, you can make Goku’s Gravity Room Workout very different every time you do it and it can also help you break through plateaus. If you are getting stuck at a particular level, perhaps more resistance is needed or the additional reps at the end of the workout will help you break through. 
  • The push-ups on the final extra set do not have to be Honest Push-ups.
  • If you replace push-ups with one-arm push-ups during the workout, they must be Honest One-Arm Push-ups, meaning 2-count down, 2-count up. 
That’s all for today! Until next time, good luck and train hard!
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