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Good Luck, Takeda

This workout is for Takeda Ikki of History’s Strongest Disciple Kenichi. After the fight with Ragnarok, Takeda goes in search of a Master of his own and comes across James Shiba, the world of Underground Boxing’s God of Destruction. He is a monster in his own right and wanted no part of training Takeda. However, Takeda stayed outside Shiba’s home and completed a few tasks of pure luck… one which was finding a rare double-pachiko ball outside James Shiba’s home… even though the Master boxer just made the whole thing up on the spot.

The second task he gives to Takeda is to run to the ocean to find two rare sea creatures and bring them back. Not only that, but he had to pull a tire the whole distance and do 100 Hindu Squats while singing a song at a police box. Although rather silly and, mostly impossible to complete, Takeda did just that. After learning that Takeda has the same best punch as himself, Shiba decides to finally take Takeda as a disciple.

This workout is based on the second test that James Shiba gave to Takeda.

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Good Luck, Takeda!


Run 1 Mile
100 Hindu Squats
Run 1 Mile
–Goal Time: 21 Minutes


Run 2 Miles
100 Hindu Squats
Run 2 Miles
–Goal Time: 35 Minutes


Run 3.5 Miles
100 Hindu Squats
Run 3.5 Miles
–Goal Time: 54 Minutes


Run 5 Miles
100 Hindu Squats
Run 5 Miles
–Goal Time: 65 Minutes

BONUS LEVEL: If you can complete level four with the given time, you can start pulling a tire on the run. You may not want to do it every time you do the workout, but you could drop back down to Level 1 or 2 for the tire pull, or you can continue with Level 4 and attempt to complete the workout with the tire.


  • You may not advance to the next level until you complete the time listed.
  • Your legs will hate you. End of story.
  • Although you don’t have to sing to anyone, it may be a good idea to take an MP3 player with you on your run.
  • We’ve covered Hindu Squats before– but you need to focus on cranking them out. Get into a rhythm, get them done, and get back to the run.
  • Good luck!

That’s all for today. Truthfully, I’m quite fond of this workout, so I really hope you enjoy it. I made it a long time ago and now I get to share it. Yay!

Until next time, good luck and train hard!

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