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Grappler Baki: Gaia’s Basic Military Training

Gaia is a character with a split personality. His normal personality, Nomura, likes to kill, but he’s not the strongest or the most skilled warrior. During combat, Nomura was captured and put in front of a firing squad. However, as fate would have it, he was rescued at the last second, but the rush of adrenaline and fear caused a split in his personality and all his hair fell out. As a result, whenever Nomura experiences an adrenaline rush, he switches to Gaia– a warrior who controls the body’s natural limit-breaker of adrenaline to push himself to whatever level of strength, speed, and awareness that the situation requires. His belief is that he does not need to put on the additional muscle mass in order to be stronger, because he can merely manipulate the level of adrenaline his body is putting out.

“Take your bulging biceps elsewhere, mister!”

Baki, however, shows him the error of his ways by stomping a mud hole in the hairless Gaia. Score one for training! Nomura, at some point, would have had to undergo military PT and, I imagine, probably still continued those exercises, since they don’t really build much mass, but are good for developing basic strength and good muscular endurance, which is very important for a soldier. As such, this workout is based on general military PT.

Gaia’s Basic Military Training, Workout A

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  1. 100 Jumping Jacks
  2. 50 8-Count Bodybuilders
  3. Run 3 Miles
  4. Stretch- 10 Minutes
  1. 5 Pull-ups
  2. 10 Push-ups
  3. 20 Sit-ups
  4. 30 Squats
  5. 40 Flutterkicks
  6. 50 Mountain Climbers
  7. 60 Second Plank
–5 to 10 Rounds, depending on fitness, then stretch 10 Minutes:

Gaia’s Basic Military Training, Workout B

Pick one:

  • Ruck Training: 25-70lbs, depending on level. 2-15 miles, depending on level. If you are just starting out, do 25lbs and 2 miles and increase either the weight OR the distance when you get stronger. If you can, you should do this in very hilly or mountainous terrain. You can increase either the distance or weight when you are able to finish the given course with the given weight at a 4 minute/mile pace. 
  • Swim Training: Sets of 400 Meters, any stroke. Increase number of sets as your fitness allows. Rest 1 to 2 minutes in between sets. If you cannot swim 400 Meters without stopping, you can break it into however many sets you need to, but do not do more than 400 Meters in a workout if you cannot swim it in one go.
  • Long Run Training: Run 5-20 miles at a slow, easy pace. You’re going for the distance, not speed. If you’re not sure if you can take it, pick 3 miles. If you’re not sure you can take that, alternate jogging and walking for the distance. Obviously 20 miles is going to take a long time to get to, so increase your mileage gradually. 

  • 8-Count Bodybuilders are kind of like burpees, but a little different. 1) You squat down and put your hands on the ground next to your feet. 2) With your hands flat on the ground, shoot your feet out behind you to go into the top position of a push-up. 3) Jump your feet out into a Y position. 4) Jump your feet back together in the top of the push-up position. 5) Lower yourself into the bottom of the push-up position. 6) Push-up from the floor back to the top of the push-up position. 7) Jump your feet back in between your hands. 8) Explode from the bottom position into a jump, with hands overhead.  That’s one rep. 8-Counts. Get it?
  • Flutterkicks are done by lying on your back, with your hands underneath your hips and your feet about six inches off the ground. Then, you alternate your feet up and down from 6-12 inches off the ground. Up and down on each side is one rep.
  • Mountain Climbers are done by placing both hands on the ground, with one foot leg bent underneath you, foot on the ground and the other leg straight behind you. Your butt is up in the air and you alternate the position of your feet. Moving each leg back and forward is one rep.
  • Plank is done at either the top position of the push-up or on your forearms. Focus on keeping your abs tight and your body straight. Your butt with want to go either up or down from straight to make it easier, but focus on a straight line all the way down your spine and legs. 
  • Make sure if you are going on a long ruck or a long run that you have drink water regularly, take in about 30g of carbohydrates every 30-45 minutes, and wear comfortable clothing and shoes. No matter what your level of fitness is, if you don’t fuel and hydrate yourself or keep yourself comfortable, you’ll end up failing a lot sooner and that’s not what we’re going for at all. 
That’s all for today! Until next time, good luck and train hard!
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  • Avatar Eric Nigh says:

    This looks great for those who can do better than basic beginner training but can't get into the more extreme routines yet. I'll be doing this one in just a bit.

  • Avatar Stephen Ross says:

    Have fun with it! Let me know how it goes!

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