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Strydum has Baki parachute into the area where there are five men, who are responsible for the defeat of several platoons of the Japanese Defense Forces.  His landing is a little rough, but thanks to his parachute, some trees breaking his fall, and Baki’s excellent reflexes and gymnastics, it all works out.  Once he lands, he attempts to find his targets by wandering around. Unfortunately, in battlefield combat, being seen is probably one of the less favorable things that can happen to you.  This is essentially because of…

Surprise Attacks
Military combat isn’t generally about pride or honor or what have you.  It’s about completing a mission in the most efficient and timely manner and, oftentimes, that mission involves killing other human beings. If you are in a situation where you are going into enemy territory, be it a warzone, a gang-infested neighborhood, or even a schoolyard full of bullies, be prepared for an attack at any time.  That means while eating, drinking, going to the bathroom, and even sleeping.  You must be on your guard at all times in these situations, because if you aren’t, you may be dealt an incapacitating or killing blow before you know what’s going on.
Baki is forced to deal with a similar issue, as a man inside a tree tries to kill him.  Baki manages to fare well against him and eventually wins, but not before the guy pulls a knife. Knives are quick, efficient, and deadly.  If a guy is good– really good– with a knife, you will probably be in a lot of trouble.  Here are some things to think about when fighting someone armed with a weapon, especially a close quarters weapon.
Fighting Unarmed Against an Armed Opponent

If you find yourself up against a guy with a weapon, stay calm.  If you start panicking and only thinking about the weapon, you’re not likely to do well.  If you are unable to escape the situation or do not wish to, then your first course of action is to keep your distance.  If you close in on his range, you are looking for a “grab and stab.”  You might be strong, but if a guy grabs onto your clothing and shoves a knife at you in a second or less, you won’t have much in the way of defense and you can’t guarantee you will wrench free of his grasp.  Whatever you decide to do, it must be done immediately, with full resolve, full power, and no remorse. Remember, once a weapon is involved, your primary goal is survival.  If you have to fight unarmed against an armed opponent, be ready to kill your opponent the moment the opportunity arises– jam a finger is his eye, punch the throat, find something to throw.  
Here are some resources for you:

After beating this guy, Baki runs into a big guy.  Baki fakes drowning in the lake, and manages to grab a choke on the soldier.  Two down, three to go.  He takes another one out while the soldier is urinating.  The final two team up to fight him, but he takes them down as well.  Something must be said about all of this– it is almost 100% certain that in a real life combat scenario, the attacks thrown at you will come from out of nowhere and they will do so in a flash.  Your reflexes will have to be top notch to survive, but, more than that, you’ll be better off avoiding these places altogether.  
Finally, after Baki thinks he’s won, Nomura begins to freak out, rocking back and forth in one of the holes Baki has buried to soldiers in.  It seems it’s not over for the young Hanma boy.
Until next time, good luck and train hard!
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