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Grappler Baki: The Japanese Pro Wrestler Workout

Anyone who has seen Grappler Baki knows that there are a LOT of Professional Wrestlers in the anime. So, I would be remiss not to delegate a workout to these men of the squared circle.

There are obviously a wide variety of ways that Professional Wrestler’s have trained themselves– like body builders, like super athletes, like gymnasts– however, there is one way of training that exploded in Japanese Professional Wrestling. That way of training, my friends, is calisthenics and was championed by the late and great Karl Gotch, the God of Pro-Wrestling. He often did high repetitions of bodyweight exercises in order to be in condition for his matches and we’re gonna go that route for this workout.

LEVEL ONE: The Basics

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1. 50 Hindu Push-ups
2. 100 Hindu Squats
3. Wrestler’s Bridge– 1 Minute, 30 Seconds
4. Grappling- 20 Minutes Total

LEVEL TWO: Intermediate

1. 100 Hindu Push-ups
2. 200 Hindu Squats
3. Rope Climbing– 3 Laps or 15 Pull-ups
4. 50 Sit-ups
5. Handstand– 3 sets to Failure
6. Wrestler’s Bridge– 3 Minutes
7. Grappling- 30 Minutes Total


1. 150 Hindu Push-ups
2. 300 Hindu Squats
3. Rope Climbing- 6 Laps or 30 Pull-ups
4. 100 Sit-ups
5. 15 Handstand Push-ups
6. Headstand- 2 Minutes Total
7. 25 Reverse Push-ups
8. Wrestler’s Bridge– 3 Minutes, Pressing 15 lbs
9. Grappling- 30 Minutes Total

LEVEL FOUR: Super Advanced

1. 200 Hindu Push-ups
2. 400 Hindu Squats
3. Rope Climbing- 9 Laps, or 45 Pull-ups
4. 200 Sit-ups
5. 30 Handstand Push-ups
6. Headstand– 3 Minutes Total
7. 40 Reverse Push-ups
8. Wrestler’s Bridge– 3 Minutes, Pressing 30 lbs
9. Grappling- 30 Minutes

LEVEL FIVE: The God of Pro-Wrestling

1. 250 Hindu Push-ups
2. 500 Hindu Squats
3. Rope Climbing- 10 Laps, or 50 Pull-ups
4. 200 Decline Sit-ups
5. 50 Handstand Push-ups
6. Headstand- 3 Minutes Total
7. 50 Reverse Push-ups
8. Hindu Push-ups– MAX REPS
9. Hindu Squats– MAX REPS
10. Wrestler’s Bridge– 3 Minutes Total, Pressing 45 lbs
11. Grappling– 30 Minutes


  • Don’t move forward to the next workout until you are able to complete all of the prescribed reps without failure.
  • We’ve previously covered Hindu Push-ups, Squats, and the Wrestler’s Bridge. You may use your hands in the first level until you can do the time without your hands. Remember to touch your nose to the mat.
  • The distance you cover in your rope should be about 12-15 feet. That means 12-15 feet from your chest height.
  • Everything else has been covered in other workouts.
  • For the Grappling, you may wrestle, do submission grappling, judo, sambo, or whatever grappling style you prefer.
  • This is not an unbeatable workout, but it will take you a long time to get to the top. Karl Gotch once did 9001 straight Hindu Squats (to best the Great Gama’s record), so don’t feel so bad about a measly 500.
  • That last set of Hindu Push-ups and Hindu Squats is designed to be the part of the workout that keeps it difficult, because it is maximum reps. If you are such a beast that the other parts of the workout don’t whip you, you can wear yourself out on those before the bridging and grappling.

That’s all for today. I hope you enjoy this one. Until next time, good luck and train hard!

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