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I just want to remind you guys that if you have any ideas or suggestions or just things you’d like to see, let me know in the comments or shoot me an email at

Good luck and train hard!

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  • Avatar Anonymous says:

    I remember in the first who would win fight between yujiro and hayato you should put more up, like dopo vs. sakaki for karate, or kensei vs. retsu kaioh for kung fu, or go with akisame vs. shibukawa for jujitsu stuff like that mix it up

  • Avatar VM says:

    Hi, I was thinking, could you do a monthly workout challenge?
    Like something real hard, but still human. And can be done with as few items as possible. I sometimes slack on my workout, and I don't know why, either it's because I need more motivation or my workout got too easy and without results… Just so you get what level I am talking about I'll tell you about my workout, it is consisting of:

    -300 sit-ups (different variations)
    -100 push-ups (20 push-up, 5 sec break, and so on)
    -60 pull-ups (different variations)
    -5 min horse stance
    -skipping 150 jumps
    -some chest exercises with a machine I don't know what's called
    -some leg exercises with the same machine
    -50 handstand-push-ups
    -different kicks, stretching
    -and many other exercises I don't know the name of.

    So please, it would be awesome if you could make a monthly "workout challenge".
    That would be a great help to me!

  • Avatar VM says:

    You know, never mind, I think that I can solve that problem my self. Sorry for bothering =)

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